Things that are getting out of control

imagesCA6MKTD1Things that are getting out of control

Benghazi – American public given the cockamamie story about some kind of video being released and the reaction was a “spontaneous” knee jerk reaction by the perpetrators. So much spontaneity occurred that four U.S. citizens killed and the surrounding property leveled to the ground.

It has since become known that all other support personnel for the C.I.A., State department, and maybe consulate workers were given an “oath of silence” pledging not to mention a word about what they witnessed or otherwise. Two, it is okay if the truth is told to the American people – we can handle that. However, if you bend the truth and are caught — all we want is some accountability and answers. Goodness sakes Richard M. Nixon didn’t do a thing compared to you Obama and cronies.

Three, what it is that we cannot handle is when our own government, led by Barack Obama and his administration, treats us as lesser human beings who apparently cannot handle the truth or that the truth about what actually happened there is to egregious to hear or know.

It serves as a reminder- point that not one single person has been brought to justice; albeit, four American lives are left in peril. And yet worse is the notion that the parents and other family members have not been told the complete story; thus leaving a 2016 presidential candidate accountable for something.

What did happen? We can only guess insofar as our intelligence agencies seem to have either no memory of the activities – and the same existing agencies are having difficulty now trying to explain why our phones, computers, cell phones, and anything we may use is up for unconstitutional sharing. What about privacy?

Finally, let us do some reasonable guesswork: Was Barack Obama in his normal “ignore the rule of law” mind and was assisting the Syrian rebels with weapons, thereby ignoring the Congress he disdains? This one particular piece of reasoning is difficult insofar as he must have known he was assisting the largest enemy of America – al Qaeda. And now make no mistake about it…over 100,000 Syrian civilians have been murdered and hundreds of thousands more300px-No_IRS.svg living in tent cities…in the sand.

And still another matter of importance that cannot possibly be swept under any rug is the activities of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). What is up with an agency of the U.S. government blocking or even screening members of various organizations and even individuals that ostensibly were part of an opposition party or parties that had aligned themselves – not supporting Barack Obama for president in 2012.

At a time that there exists a rogue organization that has directors taking their 5th Amendment rights so as not to incriminate themselves – for what? The largest handlers of taxpayer’s money – sorry you cannot be rogue.

For those who need apathy explained, we suggest the following. Any time that members of any government agency goes rogue and loftily while on their own start doing things that are wrong not only in the eyes of the people directly affected – but the entire nation as well. And then not doing anything about it!

HillaryHillary Clinton does anyone remember her temperament at the Congressional hearings on Benghazi? Now have you seen this woman on any television news channel. I didn’t think they were the same person! But we are here to write in the hopes of awareness and maybe a little in learning.

Hillary Clinton has had the detail program down to the max! Who knows what that cost – and who cares? Straight from the hip on this one. Mrs. Clinton has alleged that she could not talk insofar as there was a suspicious lump in her throat; further into the hearings that lump became a tumor growth in her head so rather than go to the hearings, she went on over to Bulldogs Detail Shoppe for just a tenth tightening of the facial skin. Let’s list just these events: lump in throat during Benghazi hearings; another subpoena and she’s got something lodged in her brain.

Previously a week to a month before she was dumpy ol’ Hillary Clinton. Due to the bias press, media, entertainment businesses, “now” has become the right time for Clinton to run for the Office of President.Obama good luck 2012

“No!” years in advance I will not vote for Hillary Clinton and until something gets done with this Voter I.D. act I’m not sure I’ll vote at all. Thank you very much. 🙂


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