Some Additional Issues that are Out of Control

Some Additional Issues that are Out of Control

images (1)Here is an example of mainstream media bias. Although unpleasant and astonishing we are surprised that this grave travesty did not receive more coverage than it did. All things being equal an investigation should have been done inasmuch as there are too many coincidences that occurred.

Their name conjures up the most celebrated moment of America’s post-Sept. 11 military campaigns. Now the Navy SEALs belong to a grimmer chapter in history: the most deadly incident for U.S. forces in the 10-year Afghanistan war.

Three months after they killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in neighboring Pakistan and cemented their place in military legend, the SEALs suffered a devastating loss when nearly two dozen of the elite troops were among 30 Americans who died when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan early Saturday.

You have no doubt heard of the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, No Child Left Behind, as well as the War on Terrorism. Most of these aforementioned “Wars on…” have been so pronounced because they are in fact, systems of presidential administration’s oversight and procedures. In short these “Wars on…”are typically extremely well-funded and the media attention is phenomenal.

Yet we still have a fundamental problem with the notion that suggests waging a war on illiteracy, terrorism, or poverty. Speaking of which we wonder daily why an administration would instill so many so much into any of these programs – inasmuch as we look at any particular instance, the outcomes of such plans are worse today than just about any other time in history.

In a new survey, four out of five American adults said they’ve struggled financially, and 15 percent of Americans live in poverty. Poverty for example has reached far into American family life. You tell me, are there more or less drugs on the street today than when the war was on? It should also be noted that drug addiction has changed to a measurable degree in the USA. Is your cold acting up again or perhaps you need an antihistamine? Better have a driver’s license or some proof of identification with you or you will not be getting anything similar.

Nah, not even the kids are getting any better – but their schools sure are at grade inflation and especially dumbing down compulsory course work.  Fifteen year old students in the United States performed near the middle of the pack. On average 16 other industrialized countries scored above the United States in science, and 23 scored above us in math. The reading scores for the United States had to be tossed due to a printing error.

atf badgeJust a small bit about the antihistamine story vis-a-vie Voter identification. Do you think that even for a split second that anyone from special interest groups to civil rights advocates would be screaming “That’s Racial Profiling,” when it comes down to purchasing something to assist in relieving harsh symptoms?

Knowing that anatomic differences exist between various Hispanics and Latinos, Asians, and Native Americans one would not be hard pressed to explain why members with these anatomical differences suffer from alcoholBorder Patrol inebriation more than others do.

So why even bring that up? Because there are patterns of inebriation while operating vehicles where the data gets skewed naturally. Moreover, we write to inform, assist in making aware, and hopefully learning. It would be irresponsible to know this information and not to pass it on.

We definitely wanted to get to Fast & Furious today; however, that seems as though it is not going to happen. Yet in a tiny summation of events how can it be possible that U.S. Border Patrol officers are killed by weapons procured through the ongoing operation, as well as members of the ATF&E went ballistic and spoke to anyone who would listen including Congress; furthermore, the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is found in a Contempt of Court citation and has there been anything resolved? No.


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