Low Hanging Fruit and Fry the Big Fish

Low Hanging Fruit and Fry the Big Fish
coc_3When one is in the beginning – first becoming aware that corruption exists within their workplace or social gathering spot –in our experience, the very people who work in systematically corrupt institutions will help to analyze where and how that corruption occurs.

Currently this notion is reigning at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Believed to have started in Cincinnati, Ohio, it was through the people

of that facility who turned out to be remarkably forthcoming about the corruption that exists, how it works, and how it might be prevented – even when their own analyses belie an intimate knowledge that can only be incriminating.

In systematically corrupt settings, many politicians and officials have complicated, mixed feelings about corruption. In many cases these individuals may sincerely loathe it and wish to eradicate it, while at the same time participating in it or allowing it to occur.

This may be surprising, but it is often true, as long as the focus is on corrupt systems and not particular individuals.

Once the principals are identified, it is paramount to add that an External Inspection Unit be brought in to assess how the internal parts of the organization are proceeding.                                                                        

In the proper order of being brought to justice it is settled that an Able, Honest, Prosecutors be brought-in from anywhere as the public’s champions in the battle against corruption.

Adequate Court Systems – The judicial system is the final arbiter of criminal cases. Especially when “frying big fish” brought forth a little later in the writing. The system must be impartial in its judgments and independent of political meandering.

It is at this point during the implementing reform stage that one is aptly reminded of how, the following methods were of no concern to the people who were involved with the corrupt activities.                    evil inside

When U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was cited by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to be in Contempt of Congress, this is the absolute starting point of Assessing the Corruption and the matter should have been moved away from the Justice department. In the short run of the political party in control the matter was not removed from Justice, rather A.G. Holder was placed in charge of his own investigation.

If these are the standard operating procedures for those who are involved in corruption of the highest order; consequently, it is no wonder why the U.S. is striding adrift from the nation it once was regarded.

What do you think he sees?

What do you think he sees?

Before we actually look at the recommendations for punishment phase we must clearly define what corrupt situations have been aligned such as the aforementioned one involving Mr. Eric Holder. Some corrupt activities that clearly breach existing law are Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Voter I.D. laws, Election honesty, Personal Professional Trainer, a full unabated accounting of the funds taken for The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Additionally as a full accountability of the worst two corruption activities; the legalization of illegal immigrants and ObamaCare aka The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Within the last two or three days an old expression has popped-up and many media commentators are grasping to make sense of this statement, Go for – “The Low Hanging Fruit.” In this example the low hanging fruit is identified as that form of corruption where visible progress might be made.

Another aspect of implementation involves breaking out of a culture of impunity, where citizens become jaded and defeatist. We believe this attitude, is the behavior of the society in America.

To break through this culture of corruption, experience indicates that frying big fish is essential. Big, corrupt actors must be named and punished so that a cynical citizenry believes that an anti-corruption drive is more than words. It is also important that a campaign against corruption is not confused with a political campaign, or a campaign against the opposition. When frying the big fish we are looking at: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, management within the IRS Importantly, therefore, one of the first big fish should preferably come from the political party in power.  Much more later… Thank you! 🙂




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