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I have just read the most compelling argument that anyone who supports “No Amnesty” or for the most part this all new “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill that has passed the senate.

The parameters of the argument was introduced by Cecilia Muñoz, Director of the Domestic Policy Council, yet even more importantly for us, is the fact that she is the former head of the National Council of La Raza – an enormous special interest group that is using their indiscriminate power to swamp current elections.

Up front his her mandate that Obama is doing a great job steering the nation in that direction, primarily by showing what economic benefits bringing 12 to 20 illegal’s into a country legally. Cecilia Muñoz tells us these alleged facts:

  • Strengthen the overall economy and grow U.S. GDP by 3.3 percent in 2023 and 5.4 percent in 2033 – an increase of roughly $700 billion in 2023 and $1.4 trillion in 2033 in today’s dollars.
  • Increase real wages by 0.5 percent in 2033 relative to current law – the equivalent of about an annual $250 increase today for a median household.
  • Reduce the federal deficit by nearly $850 billion over the next 20 years.

Please are you joking? His plan is to grow the domestic product by 3.3 percent in 2023 – incidentally that is ten ears from now; furthermore, the plan is to grow to 5.4 percent in 2033 or twenty years later. And how about this one: a 0.5 percent increase in current wages according to law.

Ostensibly who can back up these numbers? If it were the Heritage Foundation, or the Cato Institute both which always show their raw data by publishing it. That way there does not exist “oh I got it wrong” as in Obamacare.

Allow me if you will to clearly explain how this House and Senate vote inclusive of the President signing some cockamamie disgusting bill into law.

Do you trust members of your Congress? I do not, nor do I trust the President to operate in any way for me. Between “The Gang of Eight,” and the bull squat machinations they are doing to the CIR bill we believe, and especially me – that insofar as anything remotely construed as voting in this nation brings automatic disillusionment, we portent the following initiative.

cummingsWe believe that every American has their own right to say and/or belief about where these proposed CIR plans are headed. Believe me, I contribute to nothing less that one poll per day on the subject and not one of them endorses an immediate pathway to citizenship. I would love and be delighted to discuss better plans with my three Congressional officers, however, Elijah Cummings is far to busy for me as evidenced by his lack of response to nearly 11 emails to his offices, 3 phone calls aptly avoided, and even my hard copy letters have not been returned or otherwise.

Now on behalf of Senator Barbara Mikulski, I’ve written her 12 faxes and almost died when I got a response to how proud she was of “our” latest legislation concerning the Patient Protection and Affordability Act M000702(Obamacare). Bless her for returning one of numerous faxes, emails, hard copy letters, and phone calls. But who in their right mind could be proud of the corruption used to ink the deal moreover, what has happened since.

Senator Benjamin Cardin in a container smaller than a nutshell is just plain useless.

Having said something about our most ‘coveted’ voting system as well as our trusting congressional representatives I stand very clear and hear me shout: The polls indicate that approximately 60 upwards of 80 percent of those contributing to the polls are extremely against the ways Congress is handling this problem.

Therefore, let’s send this to the American people. Either mail every citizen registered to vote a ballot or ask the newly formed immigrants to pass out the ballots – not to worry, we’ll collect and deliver them.

If Washington D.C,, doesn’t care what we think or what we want as citizens maybe we should just tell them. For a republic to work it must get its power from those who are ruled.


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