Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad killed 1,429 people; a toll that he said included 426 children.

_69551891_102848498President Bashar al-Assad killed 1,429 people; a toll that he said included 426 children.

Secretary of State John Kerry made an impassioned case for punishing Syria today, stating that a chemical attack by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad killed 1,429 people; a toll that he said included 426 children.

“Instead of being tucked safely in their beds,” there were “rows and rows” of dead children, Kerry said.

The Secretary of State spoke shortly before President Obama was scheduled to address the country and the world anticipates a barrage of punishing missiles to hit the Syrian regime.

Kerry said the president still had not made a final decision about what action to take, but stressed that it is important to hold the Assad regime responsible for the alleged use of chemical weapons as a warning to other countries and groups.

“If we choose to live in a world where a thug and a murderer like Bashar al-Assad can gas thousands of his own people with impunity, even after the United States and our allies said no, and then the world does nothing about it, there will be no end to the test of our resolve and the dangers that will flow from those others who believe that they can do as they will,” said Kerry.

And it is right here where President Obama must face his greatest challenge to his resolve that he ever will. This is the same person who arguably debated and constantly repeated, “Unarm and to make sure also unharmed the people with diplomacy.”

The secretary said that the issue goes beyond Syria’s borders and spoke of Iran, Hezbollah, and North Korea as possibly feeling emboldened if they see that the United States and the world took no action against Syria.dumbo

It is extremely important to apply notice here. The world has sat and watched as American soldiers and Marines have been attacked when training other country’s soldiers, without even the witch slap regarding those lives. Moreover, this is a man who refers to extreme acts of terror as “workplace violence.” Moreover, a man who has sold out American interests from day one of his presidency.

All things being equal what we, as a nation, are confronted with is a very ugly attempt to placate the people into the horrors of war. Secretary of State John Kerry using phraseology such as “without [No] boots on the ground” is simply either lying or again being super ignorant in the consequence of war.

War is a means to an end of something brought about by another party. The mission behind war is to completely destroy and remove the other nation’s means of war. Furthermore, wars mission is to destroy every means of allowing your enemy the idea of clean water, drivable roads in and out of a gathering point, the mission of war is to strategize the complete and utter destruction of everything that your enemy might ever need.

War is not fun and it is not meant to be. Rather than issuing threats – or crossing Red Lines – to a potential enemy, without knowing what is acceptable in other regions in the world is important.
The intelligence data that was share with the people of America today indicated that at least eleven strikes with poison gas were tracked and hundreds of lives were lost. In addition, we had possession of numerous videos or film showing the effects of this gas on people.

So would someone please tell me what is wrong with this “man” who has known for weeks that weapons of mass destruction were already being used – whilst he and family were vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard – in addition to legalizing 11 million more illegal people into our nation.

There have been over 100,000 thousand people forcefully relocated at the hands of al-Assad and his army.











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