Watch and Learn about being Politicized…

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We have talked, discussed, even debated amongst ourselves even site to site and carried our points to selected forums around the Internet.

We have tried to build level platforms for all of our readers – internationally. We believe that is what is necessary to have informative discussions with learned people on topics such as unity and disunity and especially in the USA, equality, and inequality. Constructing a level platform puts everyone in the advantageous position in which to begin exploring the main emphasis of political science and that is of course power.

As one begins to look into how and why various programs and/or policies are not working the problem is most often found in the disunity of the people. People have their ways of illuminating disunity. Order is what leaders try to acquire or the way things are arranged. Good leadership is defined by how well people obey laws, handle instructions, and basically get along.

Therefore, because people are disunited and to oversee the necessity for ensuring order, governments look to how they can accumulate and acquire power. Nevertheless power seems necessary for ensuring and maintaining order.

A very interesting phenomenon is currently going on in the United States. We believe by observable facts that one of the leaders of this country is having his entire persona turned inside out. By stating observable facts we definitely mean – a person who disregards the rule of law, ignores the US Constitution, turns away from the willful working with others and their departments – has in fact put this individual to the bolas-checkup.

Of course I refer to the very President and his years of evading Congress, the entire notion of balance of powers, as he continually – for his and his party’s benefit – continue with reckless disregard for the ways that this nation was founded upon.

We are not saying that Barack Obama is any stupider or smarter than any one of the Founders. However there is a matter of unity and order that were set into place for hundreds of years before Obama. The USA stands as the longestObama good luck 2012 entity in history to maintain its republican democracy status and in order to do that it has taken some of the world’s most excellent minds and trying them out.

This entire USA strategy (or experiment) is not anything that evolved in a vacuum. No one person could ever take the credit for what the Founder’s conceived of in the US Constitution. What we do know is that Nicomachean Ethics from Socrates, to Plato, and still more from Aristotle extended reflection on virtue, happiness, and friendship which certainly helped America’s Founders in sorting out the moral and political thought used when forging the nation. Nicomachean Ethics addresses the question, “What is the best life for man?”

And who stands in the way of Marcus Tullius Cicero, the great defender of the Roman republic and who, through his masterful writing was able to capture people’s minds as the first to speak of natural law as a moral or political laws. So much a hearer and doer, John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government placed in line with Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass, James Madison, W.E.B. Du Bois and so many more.

Interestingly in Political Thinking…The Perennial Questions (Glenn Tinder, 1986, Boston, Mass. Little, Brown and Company) Professor Tinder states that there are difficult questions about power that arise from its moral dubiousness. Perhaps power in essence is evil. Certainly the use of power normally involves much evil: it tends to make those who possess it arrogant and foolhardy.

Currently we endure such a person in Barack Obama who refuses to work with Congress regarding the immigration reform issue, Libya and the support of rebel factions, Benghazi, Libya, and has simply used Executive Orders to skirt the law and legislation it takes to build efficient platforms to discuss order. Now with his mouth he has placed all of us in Harm’s Way because he is a fool.

In other words, President Obama has put the nation in disarray simply by issuing a weak and pathetic warning. Now that he finds that it isn’t Americans, but in fact the British, French, and just about the entire world don’t want to go meddling in another nation’s business. Barack Obama could care less about any American who has lived, or is living now, most of all for those yet to be alive at all simply by his foolishness and arrogance.



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