David Axelrod on NBC’s “Meet The Press’:

Here is Bashar al Assad the leader of Syria

Here is Bashar al Assad the leader of Syria

David Axelrod on NBC’s “Meet The Press’: “There’s no doubt that (Assad’s forces) are fighting side-by-side with Hezbollah, they could certainly use (chemical weapons) against Israel, they can be proliferated from there, and (inaction) gives the signal to everyone else, every bad actor on the planet, that the United States, the world community, is in a fetal position, and you can do whatever you want.”

Well that is a just a wee bit of a statement coming from David Axelrod. And in typical Chicago-style mob parlance he proffers some facts known perhaps only to him. Just for starters is there proof that the Syrian Army – referred to as Assad’s forces – are as fact fighting side by side with Hezbollah? Moreover, according to Axelrod’ slithering tongue are we to infer that this is what Syria plus Hezbollah wants to do?

One must take despicable caution when someone with the history of Axelrod begins his own unique brand of politicking. Example from our discussion here at TCT: What is the way we can ascertain the truths of what he says on television? Is Hezbollah in fact fighting side-by-side with Syrian troops. Does he really think that the Assad regime collectively with Hezbollah is going to use chemical weapons on Israel? Or should we have concern that these weapons will be proliferated there and used at will?

Believe me folks; I am not defending Mr. Obama or any of his corrupt-o-crats or Chicago style cronies whatsoever. In a nutshell we think that Axelrod is in a conundrum pursuant to

Putin supports Russian military support if USA moves on Syria

Putin supports Russian military support if USA moves on Syria

the loose lips of Mr. Obama. We can easily see why he would allege inaction; consequently, alerting the “world community” is in a fetal position over what to do.

This is really 1960s war reporting at its best. Yet please even if for an instant please take caution whenever anything that has to do with weapons of mass destruction may be used on an indiscriminate basis. As for me there are still variables that challenge this particular mystery.

First we are of the opinion that our uniformed personnel are geared and in the state of readiness. If for nothing else President George H. W. Bush (the Elder) held firm and whilst amassing troops into a reasonable position this of course was done with the USA still being thwarted back with a slew of United Nations mandates and sanctions. However it serves to illuminate the shear effectiveness and destruction that can be done when one with a level head stays the course and is patient.

Combat encounter in the desert

Combat encounter in the desert

Now those of us here at The Contemplative Thinker have a real reservation with the world expecting the United States to operate as the Police Force of the world. Because as we see it – Barack Obama and his big flapping mouth has put this plan in action, regardless of what our Congress stipulates too; moreover, regardless of what the American people want – especially the military.

We firmly believe that Assad and whoever from the region are having a far more difficult time waiting than the U.S.A. I think that we will all feel much better if we were to speculate that in that given region this is far more a problem for them than it is for us.

The Iranians have been gassed by Iraq as has the Kurdish people as well as fellow Iraqis. Now then if the nations within the region do not commit to doing anything – then naturally something must and will be done.

But when push comes to shove Obama has already darn near ruined the U.S. foreign policy on his very own.




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