Mr. Loose Lips Obama spouted his flapping mouth off

'Systemic breakdown'?

‘Systemic breakdown’?

The White House later said that Kerry’s comment was rhetorical but within hours – hours in which the UN’s secretary-general Ban Ki-moon weighed in – the administration position had changed into one where the Russian plan could be considered.

Kerry says the plan will not derail the process for Congress to authorize military action and that the US will not play games.

Later, President Obama fronts interviews on no less than six US networks to say the Russian plan was a “potentially positive development,” and instructs Kerry to try to find a political solution. These interviews were originally intended for Obama to push the case for military action in Syria.

The prospect of Syria surrendering its chemical weapons has fueled hopes the U.S. will avert its fourth conflict in a decade, but U.S. officials face a daunting array of political, diplomatic and security obstacles.

We live in a world where a person reaps what they sow; if a person is about senseless acts of kindness as a way of their existence then we are positive that the person or people involved will flourish in whatever means.

Furthermore, we see that scenario as a two way street with opposite directions. Look into the world of Mr. Lot for example. In one day he meets these foreigner’s who he insists on feeding and to help make them comfortable on theirSyrian officials down journey. Later after a full belly and a bit of the wine harvest, Lot was about the man who said, “Nah gang, all keys must be surrendered because you are staying the night in our more than spacious home.

In less than 24 hours it was revealed that these foreigner’s were in fact not only pedophiles, but they had a certain urge to experience all the men of the city. Lot, being a man of gentle means and humble ways offered his daughters to these men but they wanted nothing to do with women.

So in the very short term Lot starts up a conversation with some members of his church who profess to be the word of God. Immediately the bargaining develops where Lot says, “If I can get them down to not molesting 100 men of our community will you let them and my family see freedom? Sure, no problem. Spotting something he can work with Lot then goes on to not harming 50 of them, 25, then 10 men, Lot was on a roll. Then he said, if I can get these foreigner’s to not molest just 1 man of the city, will you not destroy us?

Hell fire and brimstone...

Hell fire and brimstone…

And the reply was a unequivocal “Yes!” We’ve all heard the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah; well that is the tragedy of the story.

We have believed since old Mr. Loose Lips Obama spouted his flapping mouth off about his red line and the chemical weapons there was no other scenario that would have been possible as a neck saver for his arrogance. So what does this unabashed person do?

First he says we’ll engage our military and hit em’ like we did in Iraq! Ever so slowly when al-Assad used the heinous weapons against Syrians and Coptic Christians. Well then the argumentblog-sodom4951.2pg  came down like the stench of mustard gas in World War I under the notion of I guess I’ll involve Congress (they owe me for what I’ve been doing) plus it will buy me some more time to get our men and women in uniform ready. And I will not be the fall guy of the entire world!

“I don’t need their approval, and if I don’t get it – then we will do this anyway.” That is the responsibility factor of Barack Hussein Obama. Personally we feel that Mr. Putin of the Russian Federation fell victim to Obama’s ways – this time it was a last ditch effort. Or else Putin did the guy a real favor.

Now then we still need to address all of those advocacy groups here in the U.S. as well as the world. The last polling data that I’ve seen was that 91 percent of Americans wanted nothing to do with military action against Syria. So what is the deal here, all you who espouse their (I am a ) Human Rights Activist, we’d give our lives for another’s Civil Rights. Well then are you prepared to let this wanton maniac Assad continue with the chemical weapons? Or how about Russia and or Iran?

Just for the sake of a mental massage…how many people out there have thought this horrifying thought: What would we do if the military said “No!”





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  1. Brittius says:

    British Intel reports indicate that US had 90-minutes prior knowledge of chemical attack, including satellite photos. The president failed to sound an alarm. The president failed to take a proper action that could have avoided the entire event. The president kisses asses of pro-abortion people. What of the infanticide that takes place every day in America? What about the death of families that suffer from no income/jobs, or suffer from foreclosures? Cities are filing for bankruptcy but who was going to fund a war? Only bankers and investment companies would profit as well as the secretly funded contracting companies that politicians all own stocks of. Human trafficking continues. Muslim rape culture continues. Muslims murdering Christians continue. Oil sheiks of Saudi Arabia and Qatar pimping US politicians and US military into a war where only those pimps and whores profit, while US troops would bleed a red line in the sand, and die. America has more than enough on our own plate, to get involved in a war that the profiteers at the UN should have been jumping on, since 2011.
    The president failed to mention any of that, and continues to fail to address the real issues facing America. Obama, is a pathetic failure.


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