Today, in the rarified but toxic air of multiculturalism and political correctness

despair%20political%20correctness11Most readers that come to this site are very much aware of our position on political correctness – and how much we loathe the entire enterprise.

Illustrating just how nonsensical political correctness is it is supported by many experts that the origin of P.C. is found in strict totalitarian, centralized government power, very similar to a dictatorship. The centralization of government is relating to or operating a “centralized system” in which a single party without opposition rules over the political, economic, social, and especially the cultural life of society.

We maintain that being politically correct is normally characterized by the manipulation of language. When a society starts changing or caving in to the pressures of advocacy and special interest groups – it is at this point when the actual manipulation of language occurs.

One should consider the language used by Barack Obama when he campaigned using powerfully evocative words of national restoration and reconciliation. “Hope,” “change,” “fairness,” “justice,” “reform” and “transparency” would usher in a bright new era of “healing” and “unifying” America and the world through this charismatic young leader’s “post-racial,” “post-partisan” presidency. What we got instead was a jarringly narcissistic, supremely demagogic, and corrupt Chicago politician, lacking in both experience and wisdom, and displaying breathtaking contempt for America’s Constitution and its best-in-the-world system of government.

Today, in the rarified but toxic air of multiculturalism and political correctness, all cultures and all values are of equal value. The most ignorant, oppressive, suffocating, women-hating kind of culture – where people’s hands and feet are amputated as punishment for petty offenses – is now worthy of equal respect to Western culture, which has provided most of the world’s knowledge, progress, food, medicine, technology, quality of life, representative government, and liberty. This moral inversion, which proclaims that all cultures are equal, has extended to virtually every area of society.

Homosexuals became “gay,” abortion advocates became “pro-choice” and atheists became “brights,” each euphemism converting a negative association into a positive one. Today, increasing numbers of people refer to pedophilia as “intergenerational sex” and child molesters as “minor-attracted persons” or MAPs. (In Islam, the popular euphemism for pedophilia is “child marriage,” just as adultery is called “temporary marriage.” Really, now.)

But even that awkward and evasive expression was deemed too insensitive toward Islam, so under Obama the euphemizing turned surreal when “war on terror” morphed into “overseas contingency operations.”

Or in other words, by manipulating language – the definitions and ideologies that represent meaning – that disrupts equilibrium politically, socially, behaviorally, and culturally are changed, ergo, the culture. Why doesn’t President 130px-No_Political_CorrectnessObama realize what an ass he makes of himself when the accused Ft. Hood madman openly considered what he has done as an Islamic jihad? Instead President Obama disrupts an entire nation as he refers to it as “workplace violence.”

Most of this is in response to a Report received by Mr. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, which in itself is based on the official report as performed by the Administrative Review Board (ARB).

The new report by Issa’s committee questions why Under Secretary of State Patrick Kennedy, who admitted to having a role in overseeing the decision to reject requests for more security in Benghazi before the attack, was never blamed or disciplined by the ARB. Moreover, Kennedy played a key role in selecting the members of the ARB and the staff that helped the ARB do its works, Issa’s report revealed. What did our definition say about a one party show?

The State Department’s internal investigation of last year’s terrorist attack on the American diplomatic mission at Benghazi fell short of the inquiry that Obama Administration officials had promised, Republicans on the House Oversight Committee claim.

And the comment above about the “American diplomatic mission at Benghazi…” sounded the ugly banging of bells within my head. Why you might wonder or even ask? From the onset of hostilities at Benghazi, Libya we (the public) were lead to believe that this diplomatic mission was in fact a U.S. Embassy. We look forward to reviewing this matter with you.





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