All representatives and senators of the U.S. Congress should be making notes

muslimgivingthefingerI’ve frequently criticized “trusted traveler” programs enacted with the cooperation of the U.S. government, because they allow the possibility that terrorists will escape the security scrutiny to which everyone else is subject, merely because someone without a record paid $200. The programs are ripe for terrorist abuse. And, now, an unnamed (gee, I wonder why) Canadian man has proven that true. And it is not the first time I have mentioned this atrocity to you about one of these transgressions by a “trusted traveler.”

All representatives and senators of the U.S. Congress should be making notes of this border protection. It is exactly as we have explained so many times. The government who every four months or so goes through turmoil that has a detrimental effect on the citizenry – thinking the government is going to shut down!

Why you ask? It is the simple act of what we are taught in education; however, it is also an act that should be drilled home by our parents. It is your basic balancing one’s budget. It seems as though the spend thrift ideology that implores the POTUS and believed in by so many of his Democrat Party members does not do well with costs going through the roof.

Yet, let me digress. What this article is about is the non-secure borders in all cardinal directions of the compass. Think this notion over and then reflect. What is Afghanistan’s major export? Peru and tunnel2Bolivia are the same although their product is on the other side of the spectrum. Furthermore, what Mexico exports as well as just about the entire Middle and South American nations make money.

The moral of this article is that Afghanistan’s major export is the opium derivative heroine. Now as we continue to look at Peru and Bolivia one of their major exports is cocaine. Working our way north geographically we come to Colombia and then Mexico. Mexico accounts for a major influx of marijuana as well as heroine and speed enhancing drugs into the American marketplace.

Therefore, how could it be possible that a nation has secure borders when 14 to 20 million illegal immigrants have moved in? Moreover, although this particular “trusted traveler” may be Muslim the area of importance is what he was smuggling into America – an incredible amount of ammunition.

How could a legislative branch of government even consider border hence, national security when there are sophisticated tunnels going to and from place A with a destination of the American south. And the issue remains that virtually nothing has been done to solidify our northern border.

How could anyone in their critical thinking look to allow in, legalize, and make a pathway to citizenship for reasons I am neglecting to tout. Fortune 500 companies wanting a cheaper labor force; furthermore, please explain to me how ObamaCare is helping this nation out – it certainly seems like a wonderful way to provide health coverage for those in need of it – however at a cost that is ruinous to our nation.



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