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Senate's Gang of Eight

Senate’s Gang of Eight

This is one of those rare times where an uber-liberal, Catholic and Women of Religion, have met in Marin County just north of San Francisco, California and persuaded a gullible editor to display her Op-Ed in the county press. In black and white are her writings; I responded not nearly as sever as I should have but nonetheless allowed people to see my writing which is a different color.

“THE SENATE passed an important immigration reform bill in June; now we pray that members of the House, reconvened after a summer recess, will work together to pass potentially historic legislation, addressing an issue that touches us all.

The only issue that will make this legislation historic is simply the notion that the Senate did not consult the American people, yet rather left matters up to a “Gang of Eight” who obviously had a completely different agenda in mind.

One agenda that regardless of the will of the American people sought fit to include matters in this bill that have been defeated at least twenty times by different Congressional officials. Moreover, at different times during the last generation, or 30 years, our countrymen did not have a president who conspired with the Department of Homeland Security to make way for 14 million more illegal immigrants.

This month the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael joined a national movement launched by the Interfaith Immigration Coalition: Fast Action: 40 days of Prayer, Fasting and Advocacy for Immigration Reform. Now this I am truly sorry to hear; whereas most of the time we would hope any organization would do their due-diligence before making this monumental discrepancy.

However, being a servant I have always been taught that if there exists a difference of opinion in the ways of our Lord, we are to address those matters silently and speaking only for the need of the saints. In other words, the FAIR_Leahy_Quote-300x300steadfastness of an office or rectory are two such places that come to mind.

As it is I remain closed to discussing “Interfaith Immigration Coalition: Fast Action: 40 days of Prayer, Fasting, and Advocacy for Immigration Reform.” It is time to stand up, hold steadfast to our faith, and not be shifted away by any words of doctrine that simply do not measure up.

If they were born here, their parents were immigrants. We are familiar with our own families’ stories of economic hardship, religious discrimination, or political repression that forced them to uproot themselves from all that was familiar to re-make their lives in a new country.

However this guarded and obscene description is about as true as Fool’s Gold, another item they must have information on. I hasten to remind The Right Honorable Sister Maureen McInerney that we are not dealing with your shortened and sweet version. We are talking about people who come knowing about the entitlements and other freebies to be awarded them.

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As women religious we stand up for justice and compassion for all people.

In 1981, we sisters voted to take a stance to support political refugees from El Salvador and Guatemala by declaring our convent on Grand Avenue a public sanctuary in accord with the United Nations Convention and Protocol Relating to Refugees and as adopted by the United States Refugee Act of 1980.

A huge mistake insofar as many a majority of gangs are directly from Salvadorian gangs and other cartel nations such as Guatemala. And I say this…”What do you think gives you the right to declare any property with sanctuary status?”

brown too22In 2009, after much study, reflection, and conversation, we chose to take another stance, this one in favor of compassionate immigration reform. We take every opportunity to reach out to our immigrant brothers and sisters through our ministries in health care, education, local parishes and social services.

Good for you! It is not America’s fault that fathers and husbands, wives and mothers openly decided to ignore America’s rule of law, therefore abandoning other family members until they found a place better.

We have listened to heartbreaking stories about people terrorized in their home countries, and then being exploited by those who offer to lead them over the border to safety.
We know how every able-bodied member of the family works two or more jobs to be able to afford the fees for immigration attorneys and others to help them comply with a confusing mass of legal requirements in the quest for citizenship.

We invite everyone in Marin County to study the issue of immigration reform. Talk to people in the community who have suffered from our country’s lack of a just, compassionate approach to the realities in today’s world.  cummings

Join us in praying, fasting, and advocating for true reform that will honor the dignity of every person.

Please contact your representative in Congress and ask for justice for our neighbors. With unprecedented vigor I and we have done that particular order managing within the political process. But all too often we are just tired of being ignored. If any of us is lucky enough to receive any correspondence back regardless of national welfare, individual support, or let us just put it out there.

The total lack of respect that is shown to us by mental midgets like Representative Elijah Cummings who astoundingly showed his metal prowess by declaring in an Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post how the IRS investigations need to be more focused and less based on politics.

And only prior to that action, the ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee felt the need to publish Rep. Darryl Issa’s entire trip to Libya.




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