Divider in Chief

Obama-Lies-SCWell here we are at day two of the government shut down. We still have gravity, electricity, water,and food. The private sector is still operating. In short, the world goes on without a Federal government.

Apparently there are no negotiations going on to end the shutdown. That the parties do not even sit down and have discussions shows how broken the process is. For this as the leader I blame Obama and no one else.

How can that be? I loved the extreme step of “closing” Mount Rushmore and other National Parks. As if you cannot walk around in the woods if a Federal bureaucrat is not there to guide you. Ridiculous. Or I



cannot go look at a mountain because there is no bureaucrat there to point it out to me?

I do not know how you negotiate this one because there are different factions on both sides of the aisle with different interests. This is really not solely about the next budget. Are you aware that the Obama White House has never submitted a budget?

As we have said so many times before, I think the root of this is Obama acting like a Dictator for 5 years. He shoved Obamacare, a needless HHS mandate for contraception, debt, deficits, and increased government down our throats. Has he not trampled religious liberties with his scheme of enforcement?

Furthermore, he took on significant issues without seeking bipartisan consensus and frankly seemed to consider it a badge of honor he plowed on. All of that is coming home to roost. On any of the above issues, anywhere from 40-60% of the American people oppose the President’s position. divider in chiefI hope this goes on for months, teach us all how to be more self-reliant you selfish pigs born with silver spoons in your mouths. The Affordable Care “ObamaCare” Law is not for you and your staffs. Likewise, with big industry and huge corporations, and soon enough within the unions and therefore education – teachers and administrations will all be exempt just like you.

We believe here that a confessional comes to terms negotiation with the American people is in order – please inform your constituencies why it is that you don’t belong in The Affordable Care Act inclusive of your staffs – while you are at it please prepare for a battery of questions as to the hundreds or thousands of waivers Obama has issued. Oh we’d also like to know just how many waivers have been issued and for what reasons.

You see we are very confused as to how you can reject either the ACA while others get waivers and then what is left over must pay for penalty fee or the ACA premiums.




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