Hey Wait…What about these messes..?

You name it...IRS, Benghazi. Fast & Furious, granting Amnesty to half a million people...anyone got a birth certificate on this...

You name it…IRS, Benghazi. Fast & Furious, granting Amnesty to half a million people…anyone got a birth certificate on this…

There is a moving account of events in Benghazi on 9/11 2012 that has been bouncing around the Internet for at least four months. Unfortunately these stories truly casts shame on Obama and the deceitful minions in his regime — Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Jay Carney– who repeatedly betrayed the American people with outright lies about the circumstances of the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Diplomat Sean Smith, and former U.S. Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty.

It was the contention of the Obama regime that the Americans in Benghazi were killed as a result of an anti-Mohammad Internet video, which supposedly inflamed spontaneous Muslim Hillary Rodham Clintonprotesters to murderous violence. Furthermore, the Obama spinners alleged that Ambassador Stevens died of smoke inhalation when the U.S. diplomatic compound was set afire.

But Cynthia Lee Meyers, cousin of one of the dead former SEALs, has created an Internet explosion by asserting that Ambassador Stevens did not die of smoke inhalation at all, rather he was brutally murdered by being sodomized, castrated, beaten, stabbed, and burned.

Ms Meyers recounts how she accompanied other members of her family to receive her relative’s body in a formal ceremony attended by Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, and Susan Rice, all of whom expressed their sympathy by lying about anti-Mohammad video as the cause of death. Ms Meyers described Obama’s interaction with her family as follows:

“Next Obama entered with the same story and didn’t apologize and wasn’t sympathetic. My aunt cried to this man and all he did was hand her flowers and walk away. I tried to get his attention, but did not. I got upset and yelled liar to him, he kept walking. Then a secret service agent grabbed my arm and led me to a room where I was held till the proceedings were over.”

Here this is positively where Obama would have wanted to be like President George W. Bush. What Ms Meyers is trying to do is with some amount of civility – you know, meeting the President, Secretary of State, director of the CIA, as
admin-ajax (1) well as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, whilst receiving her deceased cousins remains.

Is there an excuse for not rendering an apology, or at the very least not being kind enough to even offer some sympathy? Of course there is not. Obama immediately took heat from most of the media, all members of staff, elite members of other heads of state, then in an instant began changing his story to maintain the Anti-Mohammad video cover up.

Has anyone noticed how quiet things have gotten in Washington lately? We are not altogether certain that any make-shift governmental shutdown has to do with strictly non-compliance on the part of the president and the senate. Still we believe that as far as Benghazi, new information being released on Fast & Furious, and we would never leave out a week’s worth of coverage of the IRS. These are not fly by night hoaxes or scandals. They are not worthy of any person being above them.


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