Hey Obama, you can end the shutdown!

go with coverHow many of us – since this asinine government shutdown was even in precursor announcement – really thought that someone involved would have this type of attitude…? It only gets worse…POTUS not only has the attitude but by his language alone he has let it be well known that he does not want any one in that sandbox but him.

President Obama has made it clear he “will not negotiate” when it comes to ending the government shutdown. At last check, the nation’s capital was not run by one branch of government or even one political party. But President Obama is so intent on protecting his unpopular, unworkable, and unfair health care law that he would just as soon leave the best regards of this country alone.

Now sure I am a little edgy insofar as I have been privy to one human being doing his absolute damnest operating as a Divider-in-Chief, the ill timed negotiator of the leadership in Egypt.  Impeach the bastard

Who he incidentally helped fund, ad nauseaum, and lest we forget about Libya and our mission there which was never defined that ousted one head of state only to see a U.S. Ambassador and his loyal fighting machine die before this POTUS would lift a finger.

Now after we have seen him spend millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars going to and from Hawaii, play a lot of golf, play a lot of basketball, and witness also that he has been flying his personalized trainer to and from Chicago and back for he and Michelle.

Oh heck no I cannot stop there…what about the millions spent on personal family orientated learning vacations. I am going to say it because it would be a crime not too…there should not be one American in our lot who has voted once maybe twice for this clown “acting” as a president should feel anything but a deep profound sense of remorse.

I want and need to say that we have been had people – and not even by a trained professional. We have been taken to Hades and back by this backstabbing liar.
So Congress, or more specifically, Senator Mikulski, and Senator Cardin; moreover, for that pen pushing mental midget, Rep. Elijah Cummings, it is time to act now. We do not want any more of this person’s lying and fabricating trumped up tales anymore.

Mr. President, here is a five-point plan to end the government shutdown—using some of your favorite phrases.

“Here’s the deal”: Have a serious conversation with congressional leadership to talk about the real issue driving the shutdown—the negative consequences of Obamacare.

“Let me be clear”: Mr. President, you have already delayed or repealed 14 provisions in Obamacare. Why are you unwilling to recognize how Obamacare has negatively influenced the American people?

“It will not be easy”: The American people need a leader, not a lecturer.

“Make no mistake”: Despite the fact that you claim Obamacare will lower premiums, expand coverage, and increase wellness, the evidence is overwhelmingly against you. Obamacare is raising premiums for most Americans, making it difficult for those out of work to find jobs, and cutting workers’ hours.

“Yes we can”: When a majority of Americans oppose your signature accomplishment and the implementation of the law isn’t working, it’s time for a different course. We can reform health care so that patients are in charge of their health care decisions.

We thank and quite openly, wish to hat-tip Mr. Matthew Streit over at The Foundry and mention that we got the 5-point plan directly from his offering in The Opening Bell, entitled Mr. President you can end the government shutdown.

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