Death benefits, leadership in government, assigning blame…

Death benefits, leadership in government, assigning blame…

Yeah right

Yeah right

Today is one of the saddest, most hideous days of my entire young existence. Simply taking some time and reading the position our government is in is revoltingly repulsive.

Although the worst times for our government could stand out as one of the best on earth; consequently, for those of us who have lived, died, put up arms against enemies of our ways, the point is simply if we are not performing our best – Mrs. Clinton, what difference does it make.

The difference in my humble opinion is that all of the parts are in working order; yet, somehow perhaps through egotism, pride, lust, and/or plain stubbornness, it is the individuals involved – the quasi-leadership – who is creating the doldrums the nation is feeling.

That is of course, your significant other or spouse, friend, family member, or relative has been killed recently in battle. This is the time when leadership should be operating at its best. Sadly and most unpleasantly this is simply not the case.

Our nation has always had a robust political discourse, commencing from before we were even a documented nation. We have always been represented by a passionate, spirited political class; strong in their beliefs, but educated and knowledgeable enough to legislate and govern for the good of all the people. Today, this is not the case.

If there is any one thing that is hard not to admit: the Obama Administration is acting in a manner that is attempting to extract the maximum amount of pain on the American people. We feel that his behavior has been unconscionable.

Because he is the Commander-in-Chief of our military and all matters of war, that is for most something like a 5 star general officer, only the CIC of the armed forces is still higher than the highest ranking member of any or each of them.images

All of us who studied Social Studies, civics, and American history already know the story of what President Truman had on his desk.

The adornment on his desk was a simple looking name plate that was inscribed, “The Buck Stops Here.” We believe that President Truman was insinuating and quite reasonably, “I am the President…and I take full responsibility for whatever happens…”

And indeed he did. President Truman gave the orders to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan. Imagine if he did that during these days – he’d have millions of rioters, protesters, and other factional special interest groups clamoring his ears off.

Yet just as the Japanese knew and lived their culture, they also knew that given that very same culture was not going to quit or give-up under any circumstances. That it why the decision was made; and you know what…the Japanese people knew it and their highest ranking military officials encouraged it.

Liberals have long playbooks for the “wussification” of America. You name it – everything from not opening your birthday presents for fear of depreciating another child, to dodge ball where one is eliminated from the game by being hit by the ball. It has always been about self-esteem, an easy way to get a parents attention.

Members of Congress expressed outrage Tuesday that families of fallen U.S. military personnel are being denied death benefits while Democrats and Republicans grope for a way to end the partial government shutdown. The GOP-led House readied a quick fix. The Pentagon typically pays out $100,000 within three days of a soldier’s death. But it says the shutdown means there is no authority now to pay the money. We reason why even go down that road?

If we were graced with a Harry Truman type of human being, all that needs to be done is with a pen and an executive order that is all. While the liberals and progressives have been instituting their playbooks for American wussification, we ask about the IRS who allegedly has something to do with collecting fees (taxes) for ObamaCare.

Congress get after that particular right now!


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