FFQF — Washington versus the American People

Washington versus the American People

barry and his bullshit factorymasonEWRight around where I work and even more frightening where I live there have been reported “eerie sounds, grumbling noise, almost as if the dead are trying to move and certainly say something.” In fact, we have friends all over the nation – particularly on the east coast of the nation. Unbelievably – those friends living close to unique places where America’s Founders are indeed buried or otherwise entombed have been far more anxious and nervous than those who live in other places.

It is as if we are receiving communications from the dead. And almost as if the grumbling was coming from those same individuals who worked so damn hard creating a government, political system, and economic system are letting their voices be heard.

This is something that we would like to gently pass on to our readers – that is, the United States of America was created so that individual voices could get their say about the way the country is being run.

And that is the “experiment” to which more stories and the language of politics attempts to understand. The United States you will remember is a Republic that is supposed to adhere to the republican form of government.

Republican government has no basis in fact toward any political party. The republican form of government refers to how the power of government is held by the people. The people give power to leaders they elect to represent them and serve their interests. The representatives are responsible for helping all the people in the country, not just a few people.
Now this is anything but a republican-form of government when we endure the likes of a president, acting on his own creates Executive Orders granting amnesty to potentially more than 20 million illegal immigrants.  ffqf_hamilton1

Moreover, attempting to use government entities for a program that he alone devised – in an attempt to collect taxes and fees from the people who literally had “no-say” – within government instituted insurance programs, such as ObamaCare utilizing the IRS as the agents of collection.

President Obama and Senate Democrats rammed Obamacare through Congress—without popular or even bipartisan support—setting the stage for a funding challenge down the road. Since passage of the law, which some members of Congress admitted to never having actually read, its damaging side effects—including higher premiums, new and higher taxes, loss of employer-provided health coverage, and loss of full-time work hours—have become painfully apparent.

founders2Entitlement programs are the main drivers of federal spending and debt. The single fastest-growing sector of federal spending is healthcare, and the not-so “Affordable Care Act” (aka Obamacare) would increase federal healthcare spending an additional 15 percent in only 10 years. Without reform, the three largest entitlements—Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid with Obamacare—are on track to consume more than half of the U.S. budget by the end of the current decade. Yet few lawmakers are working to address this fundamental (and some might argue, existential) spending challenge.

Many important issues are feeding into this fall’s budget battles. But at the core of the debate is the size and scope of the federal government. It consumes more than one-fifth (22 percent) of gross domestic product. Meanwhile, the national debt—at nearly $17 trillion and counting—now exceeds the size of the entire economic product.

This is the Affordable Care Act’s fundamental challenge. The law passed using reconciliation, a budget-process mechanism intended to reconcile differences in Congress’s budget proposals and carry out deficit-reduction instructions. Instead, Senate Democrats hijacked the process to pass Obamacare with a simple and purely partisan majority. No other major social-policy change—not the Civil Rights Act, not Social Security, not Medicare—was successful at becoming anchored in American policy and law with absolutely zero bipartisan support.


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