California — so behind the times

Only his ego is so big he cannot see around it.

Only his ego is so big he cannot see around it.

We must take all due-diligence when making reference to where an individual originally came from and do so with the proper initiative as to their status as it stands today. For example, a Californian is a person who makes their home of record (including paying CA taxes) whilst, it is not nor will it ever be acceptable referring to an “undocumented, illegal, holder of HB-1 passports, or just telling it…illegal alien” as anything other than what they are — certainly NOT Californian’s.

In 2009, Los Angeles County became one of the first in the nation to partner with ICE in a program called Secure Communities, which allows federal agents to access the fingerprints of anyone who has been arrested to see if he or she is subject to deportation. This partnership led to the transfer of nearly 20,000 inmates from jails in L.A. County to ICE custody in 2011. Those transferred mostly Hispanic males who had committed nonviolent crimes, spent an average of 39 days in custody. In its first three years, the program led to the deportation of nearly 12,000 people, nearly half of whom had no convictions or had committed misdemeanors.

But the new Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools Act, known as the Trust Act and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Oct. 5, aims to limit ICE’s power to hold and deport minor offenders, a reform long sought by both immigrant-rights advocates and law-enforcement officers.

We really openly admit that this is not news! The Fed stopped using Section 287g the “Secure Communities Act” at least two years or more ago. Rather than hope to getting some identification and a database organized the noncompliance with 287g started within Obama’s first term in the White House. This is when he felt above the rule of law, above American public policy, above what anyone had done previously and started mandating by “Memorandum” the actual act of not arresting illegal aliens for their mere presence in our nation as put forth by the Immigration and Naturalization Act.

Obama has no respect for any matters contained within The Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. This person has done his level best to create such notions as racial profiling, family unity – especially when those have with reckless disregard for the institution of marriage and maintaining a family – because they just left all others behind.


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