It is a Matter of Common Sense NOT too…

No problem..!

No problem..!

It is a Matter of Common Sense NOT too…

Weeks after a government audit revealed that the Internal Revenue Service doled out $33 million in fraudulent electric-car tax credits, a separate probe says the agency paid out over half a billionmula dollars to “homebuyers” who did not qualify. When one examines data analysis, hard numbers, and the eyewitnesses at the banks and other institutions, is this type of leadership that caused the first federal stimulus?

It’s simply the latest of many blunders for the perpetually troubled government agency that’s awarded prison inmates tens of millions of dollars in bogus tax refunds in the past decade. Last year alone, more than a quarter of a million prisoners filed tax returns with the IRS and nearly 50,000 claimed more than $130 million in refunds without bothering to report wage information, according to the Treasury Inspector General.

Last month the Treasury IG, the IRS’s watchdog, found that the Obama Administration’s aggressive push to reward consumers who buy costly “advanced-technology” vehicles resulted in rampant corruption because claims were automatically granted without scrutiny. In many cases the lucrative tax credit—worth up to $7,500—was awarded to gas-guzzling sports utility vehicles and even a bicycle.

Some people got multiple tax cuts for the same vehicle and dozens of prisoners received nearly $50,000 in alternative vehicle credits even though they were behind bars. This month’s audit dutt jour says the IRS has dished out more than $513 million in credits to unscrupulous filers who claimed first-time homebuyer exemptions of up to $8,000 as part of Obama’s disastrous stimulus plan.

A chunk of the money—about $326 million—went to nearly 50,000 people who already owned a home, the Treasury IG found. Nearly $8 million in credits went to more than 1,000 prison inmates and about $98 million to 13,400 taxpayers who never even bought homes.

Even some IRS employees who did not qualify for the first-time homebuyer refund received it. In its report, the Treasury IG makes a rather simple suggestion that is perhaps too common sense for the IRS; require taxpayers to provide documentation to support eligibility for all refundable tax credits. Here’s another good recommendation from the agency’s watchdog; that the IRS deny refundable credits when supporting documentation is not provided.


app_full_proxyBorder Bill Can Become the Amnesty Trojan Horse

“Believing that they won the recent shutdown fight, President Obama and the Democrats think they have momentum to browbeat the House into passing some version of the Schumer-Rubio amnesty that was approved by the Senate in June,” says Mark Krikorian in National Review.

“Representative Paul Ryan has been actively working to help the president achieve his chief goal for the second term. Many conservatives fear that Speaker Boehner and the rest of the House GOP leadership share Ryan’s desire to pass a bill that would legalize the present 11 million–plus illegal aliens and double future legal immigration.”

“The House Homeland Security Committee has already passed the bill that is intended as the vehicle that will head to conference, where the Senate bill will get folded into it.  No Amnesty

First of all that “option” is pathetic. That Trojan-horse legislation is H.R. 1417, the Border Security Results Act of 2013, authored by Representative Mike McCaul (R., Texas), chairman of the committee. But the first sign of trouble comes when you note one name on the list of the bill’s original co-sponsors: Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D., Texas), a vice chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.”

We are admittedly aware that Ms. Jackson Lee does not need an introduction to this writing. All one really needs to do is think of the 2001 World Conference on Racism in South Africa whereby the “Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee” a Democrat, created a substantial raucous near disaster in that nation. On April 28, 2006, Jackson Lee, along with four other members of Congress and six other activists, was arrested for disorderly conduct in front of Sudan’s embassy in Washington. They were protesting the role of Sudan’s government in ethnic cleansing in Darfur.


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