Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Survivors Can’t Afford to Wait

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Survivors Can’t Afford to Wait

Domestic Violence Awareness Month has ended, but our work to end abuse continues. Today, in this country, women and children continue to suffer from unspeakable violence because they are afraid to seek help without legal status.Office_on_Violence_Against_Women_Seal When immigrant survivors of abuse without legal status are, according to one study, half as likely to call the police to seek the help they need, we must act.

In the above referenced example there is clearly the posture that we have been exploiting for years now. Are you really surprised that is whenever a liberal is losing an argument; subsequently, when the debate loses its ‘grunting points’ – we have tried to alert other debaters and potential leaders of our country that this is indeed their process – to wit: This particular piece STARTS with the ideology of abuse and that at the domestic level. Not only domestic mind you but also the immigrant survivors.

Then where do you suppose this thing goes? Well of course…to the immigrant survivor. Of course they cannot lead with that insofar as their “Demagogue of Democracy” has done everything within his power (as well as Congress,’ Judicial, Ad Nauseam) in an effort to stop deportation, incarceration, literally hand-cuffing immigration control officers, local law enforcement, and especially the U.S. Border Patrol Agency.

Since it was first signed into law in 1994, the Violence Against Women Act or VAWA has recognized the need for special protections for immigrant survivors of abuse, including self-petitions and categories of visas for victims of violent crimes and human trafficking. But while VAWA includes key provisions to help immigrant survivors, it is not enough.

Many grant programs authorized in VAWA have been funded by the U.S. Congress. The following grant programs, which are administered primarily through the Office on Violence Against Women in the U.S. Department of Justice have received appropriations from Congress:

STOP Grants (State Formula Grants), Transitional Housing Grants, Grants to Encourage Arrest and Enforce Protection Orders, Court Training and Improvement Grants, Research on Violence Against Indian Women, National Tribal Sex Offender Registry, Stalker Reduction Database, Federal Victim Assistants, Sexual Assault Services Program, Services for Rural Victims, Civil Legal Assistance for Victims, Elder Abuse Grant Program,Protections and Services for Disabled Victims, Combating Abuse in Public Housing, National Resource Center on Workplace Responses, Violence on College Campuses Grants, Safe Havens Project, Engaging Men and Youth in Prevention

Capture33Please remember that the funding although it appears going to the several states, we must be clearly advised that this funding is from U.S. Taxpayers and need be authorized by Congress to be approved and sent.

Now just a little spin ξξξξ Is it any wonder why there are so many “Months” that capitulate into funding? Why are we servicing what is referred to as immigrants, when what they mean to say is “illegal immigrants.” Therefore to all mainstream-media: These pandering uses of incorrect phrases are not being politically correct – it is worse, it is changing a language, from reality to the unknown.

It is difficult to not perceive the increased size of the government when each special interest or advocacy group now needs the operating capital to amply see to its whatever mission.

And yes that too as well – what on earth is this country doing other than welcoming illegal aliens into the country, and then making their organizations a part of the relational goings on.


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