Disney, American Airlines, McDonald’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, UPS, and many more…

Gag in the Bag If for any reason whatsoever you may be sitting there wondering if anybody learned anything from this recent obstacle called ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act (ACA), well then you just may be in luck with this concurrent news involving some 104 companies demanding legislation supporting that monstrosity of a bill proffered by the Senate. We encourage you, moreover implore you to read the full data statistics before making any decision. That is right  folks the corruption of America continues.

McDonald’s might be adding a new item to their value meal: Amnesty.

The company was among the 104 co-signers of a letter addressed to Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) advocating for the legalization of 11 million undocumented residents through new visa programs. You may be wondering why places like McDonald’s and the Cheesecake Factory are lobbying for immigration reform in this manner. While they have stated that they wanted to “bolster the availability of a workforce at all skill levels,” that is likely not the only reason.

[W]e strongly support efforts to bolster the availability of a workforce at all skills levels, through a separate visa program as well as by creating a path to legal status for those already here.

The Center for Immigration Studies points out that this letter cited a recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report that stated the immigration reform would bolster the economy. This means that these corporate giants are MikiFinnchanneling their moral compass and bettering our country, right. That sounds too good to be true.

When citing the CBO report, the letter left out a key part of the CBO estimate that may hint at an ulterior motive. The CBO stated that if the Senate bill passed, the surge in new immigrants would bring down the average wage of American workers. Does this correlate into an influx of cheaper labor for places like McDonald’s? Maybe. At any stretch of the imagination, it is easy to see the incentive in not having to pay workers as much.

Given the recent strikes and disputes regarding minimum wage, one would think that McDonald’s would want to fix their problems with their workers. Fair wages are something that McDonald’s has notoriously opposed. They cannot even provide their workers with adequate wages to support their families.

It’s no secret that McDonald’s could raise their workers’ wages. If McDonald’s doubled their employees’ pay, the cost of Big Macs would go up a mere 68 cents. Maybe raising the Big Mac’s price is not the answer, but the answer certainly does not lie in lobbying for an immigration reform initiative that could potentially lower wages even further.

McDonald’s has spent over $1.5 million on lobbying this year, some of which has gone toward immigration reform. That $1.5 million would be better spent investing in the workers who are responsible for their obscene profits.

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    I can’t understand with many American citizens needing work, LEGALLY companies are pushing this bill. Is it because of cheap labor? If this bill is passed McDonalds and the other companies would have to pay fair wages. Is it Benefits? Maybe they think most of the 11 million Illegal Criminals won’t take company insurance. I l Know Americans have become lazy, but allowing 11 million criminals to live here legally is a slap in the face.


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