What a mess..!

rotunda-capitol-7-1-11For years, perhaps decades, and generations the government has failed to control our borders. The southern border illegal immigration has sky rocketed since the 70s. Prior to and after September 11, 2001 there has been little or nothing concrete accomplished to establish real border security and immigration control. On the contrary, much has been done to decrease our security and immigration control.

President Bush messed up by giving illegal immigrants citizenship. Seeing this, others said to themselves, if it can happen once, it can happen again, this time for me. Let us go to the USA! President Bush encouraged illegal immigration!

The current administration has done even worse. Telling Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) not to deport, telling the U.S. Border Patrol to back off (release until court date), not getting the fence completed, do not deport unless they are a felon and dozens of other justifications for not enforcing existing federal lawUS Customs and BP (250) continues at striking rates. Promising a fast track to legal status if you violated our immigration laws is what this entire mess has turned in to.

Now let us look at the receiving end of the lack of border enforcement. The list seems endless and at times we wonder what the Hades our own government is doing.

It is vitally important to the understanding of this writing that we all huddle-up and come to a common understanding. Barack Obama has only made matters worse and in doing that he has raised a hell storm in the USA.
We, at The Contemplative Thinker, as an organization as well as individuals – mostly citizens but not all of us are US citizens are quite concerned with what this mad person is doing.

The only reasonable rationale is that he simply does not care, or that he gains pleasure counting the ways he skirts Constitutional as well as US federal law. Now let us not forget, we are talking about the POTUS here.
Yep it is that same person who tells fabrications upon more lies. We firmly believe that it has gotten to the point of pathology.

Being informative is quintessential. It was the POTUS who behind closed doors began issuing Memorandums of Order to those people who worked as Secretary’s or a Ministry for our international guests. Between the Executive Orders and Memorandums this person has authorized some 11 million or more people to come on over, free of charge, and do not worry, once here you will want for nothing.

imagesCAFFQPLDThat is after you have first disabled the U.S. taxpayer in every conceivable way. So let us make sure you are all signed up for the “Benefits Package” which of course covers food stamps, rights to healthcare, paid housing in one way or another – either just as soon as you arrive, or as soon as you have picked a place to live. Oh yes, our founders did not believe that we should pay for education so not to worry, education is free including the pencils needed to write with and paper to write on.

Now if any one of your children attending a school in the USA, and unfortunately you are down on your luck, please do not worry because we have the best school lunch programs not available in any other nation, which also includes day care and food for those children as well.

We believe in our organization that most of our elected officials have completely lost any awareness of what establishing a solid immigration system would save us in the short term. We also believe that there comes a time for diminishing returns; consequently, if one continues to make getting here easy, and then once here you’ve hit the lottery, well people just don’t look up to and try to do the same or one way or another share those values, ethics, and morals with the people they live with – point of diminishing returns.


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    • Jon-Paul says:

      Believe me…one does not need to go far to listen to this stuff. My opinion is that every American and those planning to come to this country should really think about what is really going on.


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