Perpetuating a Cycle?

images (3)It is too bad that we live in a time and in a nation that has people gripping all the time albeit for whatever reasons seem endless. We, I, and you can try your level best to avoid it, walk past it, remain neutral on it, or as so many of our friends do – try not to fall into the dreadful trap of the color of one’s skin.

As for us, we believe the motives for engaging in blatant racism are as mixed as a bag of M&M’s. Then mind you something opposite would suggest that boil it all down to one single issue and what do we come up with? Hate,images (1) entitlements, capitalism, positions, or offices held, rank ordering, caste system, or any other sorts of one issue (never works).

Let us take a look at human person living in the U.S.A. today. Is it important that we address the notion or importance of the two parent household particularly a man and a woman living as husband and wife? Statistically it is ugly – something along the percentile of 90 percent of child delinquency and misbehaving comes because there is not a male (“Father figure”…Freud) present to what?

Now the time is at hand to ask all of the special interests groups and advocacy groups how they feel about the work that they do. Moreover, the money they are spending in their attempt at taking on God, most orthodox religious beliefs, and one particular society in which they live who are overwhelmingly against same-sex marriage and who remain the majority.

willFailure to respect people of other races and a way of behaving or thinking that shows that you do not like or respect people who belong to races that are different from your own and that you believe your race is better than others are just does not work.

Furthermore, having animosity toward other races cannot be an excuse simply because races are made up of human beings, ergo why not say – because Jeffery Dalmer was white, let us hate all white images (13)people based on the crimes the lone nut committed. Additionally, the belief that people of different races have different qualities and abilities, and that some races are inherently superior or inferior than other races has more generalized research disputing such that a person could spend a life time in paperwork studying that idea.

Yet we do believe that this qualified information is not known well enough or even known by people who hold prominence in various fields whether in entertainment, sports, academia, or theology.

Basically we are of the position that age-old stereotyping has been going on for so long that it is unfortunately being sought as truth rather than the stereotypical and discriminating hilarity it sometimes causes.

From the “White” perspective it is believed that the Wayans brothers have been culprits of stereotyping; albeit not in a racist way but one of a variety of ways in that the outcome makes a person look at themselves. Is this a good medium in film or Hollywood? It is a rather sorted question because if one were to say yes – it is a good medium – be very careful because you may be construed as a racist.

imagesOne trait that the Wayans brothers share and have a clear inroads path to is that of crossing or applying cross stereotypes within race. Many could argue that their films are hard on blacks, gays, and women; however, there is always the side of whites, gays, women, and just about any other way one could think of it. The Wayans have the insight of knowing how to keep it fair and even keeled.



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