Does Scripture teach faithful Christians to support amnesty

lighted crossDoes Scripture teach faithful Christians to support amnesty for illegal immigrants as part of “comprehensive” immigration reform?  Clearly not, concluded a panel of evangelical thinkers and activists assembled at The Heritage Foundation, while noting that non-Christian groups bankrolled a campaign to pressure believers — members of Congress among them — to endorse amnesty.

According to Mark D. Tooley… a Washington writer and president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

“Christians and other people of faith who…organize for a political cause must also constantly remember that in our fallen world, good intentions and lofty principles are not sufficient. … Christians should be cautioned against sweeping, comprehensive legislative solutions to deep, pervasive political problems.  …In this particular debate, we should avoid rhetoric that romanticizes immigrants no less than avoiding demonization of them.

“We’re not against immigration; we’re for wise immigration. Immigration is a beautiful idea,” said Kelly Monroe Kullberg, a Ohio writer who founded the Veritas Forum college ministry and, recently, Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration.

“Nowhere in Scripture do we see blanket amnesty or asylum. We see wise welcome to a well-meaning Ruth or a Rahab … [and] the building of walls to cultivate the good.

James K. Hoffmeier, professor of Old Testament and ancient Near Eastern history and archaeology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School offered these words:

Hoffmeier outlined how today’s debate among evangelicals blurs distinctions among three different Old Testament terms often translated as “foreigner” – only one of which, applied to the Israelites, conveys the meaning of someone who should be treated as part of the community.

It would never be appropriate to utter another word without mention of Carol Swain, professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt Law School allowed these morsels’:

Swain, said that after fellow Christians attacked her in 2000 for having “a restrictionist immigration position,” she went silent on the subject until she could study up. Today, Swain says ordinary Christians are being “manipulated” by amnesty proponents with their own motives to put aside the rule of law — whether to fill pews, low-paying jobs or voter rolls.

She added, “it’s very foolish of us” to look to a big piece of legislation — especially the Senate-passed bill, which the Congressional Budget Office found doesn’t “stop the flow” of illegal immigrants.

Yep! We took that item referred to as “The 40 Day Challenge – could we read references to ‘strangers, foreigners, and other words meaning that a particular person’ was not immediately from their area.”dove

I will openly disclose to everyone who reads this article that I took the challenge – read the scripture that was any reference to a man traveling as an immigrant and was too hurt and timid to write about it. I prayed and I prayed again these above mentioned experts have got it entirely correct.

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