Comprehensive Immigration Reform


Going to be a reality?

Going to be a reality?

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Several times we here at The Contemplative Thinker have brought data to support our claim when liberals are stalled during the debate or let us just bring it real now – when it gets too hot in the kitchen rather than leave, reassess, and make qualified recommendations – the liberal stays in and changes the subject.

Nowhere was this more pronounced by facts than during President Obama’s two campaigns for his current office. Realistically now, where are the subjects such as The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the watchful eye of the Justice department’s spying on the personal particulars of reporters.

Again just think of this menagerie of bulls waltzing through a China Shop. We still have a record of offensive demography conducted by this current administration. How about Fast & Furious – or did anyone face trial orbrian-terry discipline when one of the weapons sold through this contemptible and dreadfully run operation was found at the same site of a tragic murder of Brian Terry an on duty Border Patrol agent. Or how about the continual and rather disgraceful display of “My own self-government” that lists President Obama as the number one asset to skirting Congress (Author’s title and emphasis).

Then again with whatever known agencies (NSA, FBI, and CIA) operating data albeit with cameras, credit cards, licenses, or anything rendered public – has anyone seen even a photo of the processing plants in Utah? Who worries, they have their own Court — FISA — that is accountable only to them.

So you do not particularly care for how a law is, albeit written or for what it stands for. Laws written by President Thomas Jefferson during the founding era. Ah the heck with it…let us change it, right Mr. and Mrs. Senator’s.cummings

Disgusting! We have been writing about this rubbish for too long and the emphasis is changed or some liberal minded Representative from Maryland goes public and says, “…that’s a non-issue.”

Therefore we believe it is accountability time. The leaders of this administration have planned, organized, and befuddled everyone with their dishonesty. I wonder about the military…are they fed-up holder in contemptwith being shot at, being dictated to by Afghan leaders.

The principles of this Administration are intending to treat all of us with the millennial mind-set. They have been for over five years and it is working. They may call it a “scandal” but I am still uneasy about giving anything to the IRS. How do you feel about knowing that US Attorney General Eric Holder, who has a Contempt charge against him, is gainfully employed by our government?

And here it is, the reason I sat to write was originally Obamacare yet he is betting we will continue to let that issue slide, and now even amidst a squirrelly deal with limiting Iran’s nuclear capabilities a brand new hat has been donned, Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Lord, please help us all! 



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