Momentum for Immigration Reform…

brown too22The momentum for comprehensive immigration reform, gathered in the passing of the Senate bill five months ago, is long gone.

Instead we have heard a lot about a health-care overhaul that already needs an overhaul. Additionally, the United States internationally has been entangled in one huge scandal after another.

Furthermore, in a rare but very realistic maneuver House Speaker John Boehner killed the possibility of taking up the Senate bill; President Obama conceded and said a piecemeal approach likely to be used by the House in 2014 could work for him.

All things being equal there is not a hill of beans that looking upon a Senate S.744 consisting of well over 2,000 pages has alerted those in the House that maybe immigration reform is not about amnesty – mind you for some that is all that matters. Yet looking toward real immigration reform, as we have suggested should be dealt with preferably one issue at a time.

An Example of the Mainstream-media:

“Considering the House’s record of accomplishment, sometimes it is tough to imagine anything being accomplished on immigration beyond tougher border enforcement, and that would leave unchanged the status of more than 11 million living in the shadows.”

Another Example of fair and balanced media:

Insofar as the House is concerned it has been within their charter to engage in tougher border enforcement – this does include the complete infrastructure of our borders and by popular demand the American people have spoken regarding law enforcement and the condition of this nation’s borders.

No Mainstream or Fair and Balanced media:

As far as 11 million illegal’s living in the shadows – is tantamount to a cliché, one used far to much. Daily we see immigrants without any legal authority whatsoever getting far brasher and demanding in an entire load of rallies and protests.

This week a group of about 50 advocates for immigration will fast in Chicago for at least 24 hours to show solidarity with a group that has been fasting in Washington, D.C. for more than two weeks, said Lawrence Benito, chief right v wrongexecutive officer of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (Our fear has been realized: Immigration AND Refugee Rights).

The movement for reform includes religious leaders, business leaders, Democrats and Republicans. We have experienced factious orthodox religion trying hard with their conglomerates of special interest advisors, advocacy groups, and make-shift Scriptural readings. However, as long as it took us during our information gathering and research, it did not take long to see what this colition of evangelicals is trying to do.

Obama should require government agencies to halt deportations of those who fit requirements for legal residency under the Senate bill, Giovagnoli said. “That’s a reasonable approach,” she added. “You’re actually respecting Congress.” Absolutely demented. 

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