Where is the Accountability…?

Think about it...

Think about it…


If there is anything whatsoever inherent about good, solid leadership is in the notion of how well a person acts whilst under pressure; subsequently, the good leader candidates display such notable characteristics as a hidden sense of answerability to what happens during the time of their watch.

Other unusual behavioral characteristics such as responsibility and under normal circumstances the real great leaders are sure to have a sense of liability. In other words, whatever may break, good, bad, or ugly the best leaders ostensibly find the center and it may not always be comfortable in the center but being ahead with information is always the key to solving huge problems.

Especially good leaders are never arrogant, because being arrogant defeats the very purpose of why the leader is deemed to be needed and effective. Moreover, as we know arrogance is just one of those defense mechanisms parading around showing the world that one has a behavior that shows that they are better than the rest.

So many times people in leadership positions display elements of conceit, egotism, and superiority; all the while they act with pride for their accolades. Case and point: the POTUS, Barack Obama, broke a number of laws, including bribery, misappropriation of taxpayer funds, as well as on a more personal level outright lied to the American people and fabricated data that one would hope we would have better guidance about it.

Just as when Solyandra went down within a month after Mr. Obama rendered over one half a billion dollars on what? He did not see it then anymore than through his arrogance does he see it now he Obama-Lies-SCbelieved himself to be more superior to the rest of us to make the energy investment even palatable. Now then here is my question: One can tell if a person has learned by their future behavior.

What we have experienced since is the cruel and unusual way he rallied Congress’ democrats (mainly through off book favors or simple bribery) in getting the adequate legislation to pass the Patient Affordable Care Act (ACA) and then he signed it into law.

We were angry then primarily because of the Executive Orders and Amnesty for about one million illegal aliens very much providing a bonafide reason to wonder about his mental well-being as well as did he have America’s best interests in mind? Now this Amnesty issue is looking to make “paths to citizenship” just for breaking the law – hey! That is our rule of law.

Democrats back over the border but that is another lie like ObamaCare, “Fast, and Furious, Benghazi” and all the green frauds like Solyandra.

Just so we are all on the same page – the title of this article is “Accountability” and we as well as mental giants are wondering where is the accountability for the President’s Blue Ribbon Legacy named after himself…ObamaCare?

Still a website that doesn’t work proficiently that looks to take another billion dollars to get running correctly as well as the more than 70 percent of the American people who despise his intentional lying along with his cohorts Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Katherine Sibelius.  Anyone, please name another profession that allows for this type of misconduct…


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