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ffqfToday is “Founding Fathers Quotes Friday’s and what we wish is that everyone who reads our articles here at The Contemplative Thinker where we mention anyone from the founding generation we feel is important.

Why you might ask…? Because we have found no other way that demonstrates the differences in America’s culture, values, morals, and ethics than those who originally set-up the nation in the first place. The America that was originally set-up regarding its ethics, morals, and values has taken a real beating compared to now. So we look to which one of those elements that has changed perhaps the most and we would proffer culture. And notwithstanding we will examine those cultural issues as well.

As for Washington we are almost completed for now. Then briefly we will move on to Jefferson and Hamilton. Therefore, attempting to measure Washington’s openness to common citizenship with those who neither were Protestants nor descended from Englishmen did not, however, lead him to favor unlimited immigration.

President George Washington believed that immigrants of the wrong sort and the wrong quantity would endanger American liberty. He, as did most of the founding generation believed that one huge purpose and founders2responsibility of any government is to secure the rights to liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Immigration policy, like all public policy, must be tailored to that end. As for one reading this article I would be questioning by comparing and contrasting the ethics, values, and motives of our current government officials with those of the founding generation.

When Washington affirmed American openness to immigrants “of all nations and religions” as quoted yesterday (see letter to The Hebrew Congregation), he continued by saying, “we shall welcome [them] to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment.”

It is tantamount to us that his letter containing just 340 words were crafted in such a way as using carefully chosen words because Washington did not say to the Newport Jews that people of all religions were welcome in America regardless of their conduct. Furthermore, Washington did not say, “let us fast track [errors and time of staying; moreover, how immigrants got here] those who are going to college on our money issued through the states,” and then let us provided a way for their family members – all 11 to 18 million of them – a pathway to citizenship.

What Washington and the ten odd president’s that followed him stated, “that government requires ‘ that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens in giving it on all occasions – their effectual support.”

ObamaAs for President George Washington whenever he discussed immigration, he linked his vision of multinational and multireligious America with a “conservative” concern about the character of those who would become Americans.

In retrospect of just the Obama administration let us predict what of course will be of an historic nature. The entire issue of amnesty insofar as the public citizenry overwhelming 031809_unamericanopposes amnesty. What gets to me is he is doing the same to immigration as he has been doing to Obamacare. Obama admittedly is not a man who follows the U.S. Constitution or any rule of laws in this country as its President. What Mr. Obama does not understand is that the people of America and those future immigrants on their pathway to citizenship are using Obama as a role model.

We are already experiencing some huge negative impacts of Obama’s role modeling. Congresswoman and former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, shouts in public that to call an immigrant an “Illegal” is Un-American. Furthermore, I would relish the notion if we could hear something from her Constitutional district in two basic matters: One, Obamacare – let’s write the bill so we can see what’s inside of it, and publically making her district a sanctuary city.

And if anyone in this audience today believes that the organization referred to as the National Council of La Raza is doing exactly what they are doing for $60 or $70 million per year, we would challenge anyone to simply prove it. La Raza is one of the most powerful special interest groups in this country. Based on achieving what they want – that dear friends costs more than that figure.


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