Immigration, the Founders, in their own words…

Misuse of power, position?Other leading Founders held opinions similar to those of Washington and Franklin. In a speech in the first Congress of 1790, James Madison welcomed immigrants to citizenship, but “believed it necessary to guard against abuses. They should induce the worthy of mankind to come the object being to increase the wealth and strength of the country. Those who would weaken it were not wanted.” Therefore Madison favored the law, which was soon approved, establishing a residency requirement for foreigners wishing to become citizens.

Three years earlier, at the Constitutional Convention, Madison said:

“He wished to maintain the character of liberality which had been professed in all the constitutions and publications of America. He wished to invite foreigners of merit and republican principles among us. America was indebted to emigration for her settlement and prosperity.”

Based on that paragraph alone as well as instances from other parts in this series, we would like to make a comment or two. We would like to inspire you to speak-up as well. We believe that our readers can certainly see several idiosyncrasies that were mentioned when we first started – now for some questions.

images MadisonFor starters we had brought forth the notion that when the Founders spoke of and planned immigration they all almost always combined the two elements, nations and religions together. All of American government in order to work successfully and properly the Founders did not fool themselves into thinking that everyone thought or even believed in the same God as they did.

Nonetheless, the United States was founded on Judeo-Christian belief systems. Furthermore, the nation was built on the principles of republican government (not Republicans or their party) but the principles of representation and that the rule of government was to secure the liberties, rights, values, morals, and ethics – based on beliefs – of the governed.

Therefore religion had a huge affect on immigration policy; however, some people would say not nearly enough. Considering of course the very plight of Coptic Christians in Egypt as we discuss this entirely. Most individuals do not know that Coptic Christians were well oriented, people with goals and objectives, long before Arab and/or Islamic principles were even in Egypt.

We have learned so much from the governing of the Muslim Brotherhood; yet, we still cannot understand why Coptic Christian women are being captured and used for disgusting means; why Coptic children are witnessing their own friends, parents, and relatives being murdered because of what they believe in. The entire infrastructure of the Coptic Church is being made irreparable with the actual buildings, pews, and statues being ruined.

So we will ask the question. Why is it that the USA, being a Judeo-Christian reasoned nation, selling Abraham’s tanks and equipment, fighter jets, and Fast & Furious weaponry and ammunition to the Muslim Brotherhood?images (4) And why with religious atrocities happening to those who believe as most of this nation believes are we still sending monetary and military aid to this nation? All along whilst living here in the USA it is somehow a legitimate law suit to sue in court over some Christmas lights and/or decorations or what is believed by some folks in this nation.

One other diatribe before wrapping this installment up. This concerns the actual language used by the Founders. Listen…we have heard how “illegal’s” find it offensive being called illegal’s. But that is the decision you made when you decided break the rule of law of this nation when you entered it. Furthermore, for a Member of Congress to utter such words as, “It is Un-American to call someone an illegal,” as former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did. We hope you can understand that we know about our 1st Amendment a right which all the more makes us American.

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