Victory You can be Proud of…

120253-1440x900-godblessamerica2_lgWe received some outstanding news earlier and we would like to share it with you. How many times do we get the question(s) of “What can we do?” Well here is our story with NumbersUSA at the helm.

 Blocked the ‘inevitable’ 2013 Amnesty…


Do you remember a year ago when nearly every pundit or politician with a prediction was saying passage of “comprehensive immigration reform” was virtually inevitable in 2013?

From January 31, 2013:

“This will be the year that Congress finally gets some common-sense immigration reform across the finish line”…– Sen. Chuck Schumer, CBS News

5.6 million is the number! That is how many faxes all of you members of NumbersUSA wrote and we at NumbersUSA sent to elected officials to thwart all the efforts for amnesty and immigration increases this year. (Below, you will see some of the many other markers that explain why we — you! — won against incredibly larger opponents.)

And now, Congress is on its way out of town until next year without sending any immigration bill to the White House!

But the danger remains real. The need for citizen mobilization remains urgent and absolutely necessary. Without a repeat of what we did together in 2013, there is a significant chance that our nation will be saddled with some kind of amnesty and major increases in legal immigration in 2014, even if not at the draconian level of the Senate-passed S. 744 bill.

Perhaps half the ways we mobilized our members can’t be specified in this letter because I don’t want to lay out these tactics so easily for our opponents to see. But I CAN show you some data that give you a pretty good indication of the power behind our success in stalling, weakening and eventually blocking the amnesty efforts that we were told somewhere in the media nearly every day were sure to happen.

From January 30, 2013:

“Comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for immigrants who came here illegally will likely pass Congress this year with broad bipartisan majorities.” — Mark Salter, Real Clear Politics

This year in June alone, we handled 347,914 phone calls. Are we together as we think that close to half a million calls in less than 30 days is not going to accomplish anything? For those of us with minds that need to break overwhelming numbers down in order to make sense of them here we go. June 2013 had five weekends with two days off apiece. Unbeknownst to many that leaves us with 10 days shy of thirty. So let’s round up make it 350,000 calls divided by 20 actual working days and that comes to 17,500 calls per day.

With me still? Good, no great! Now we take 17,500 and put that through a standard eight hour day and that comes to 2,187.5 calls per hour.

From March 20, 2013:

“The good news is that we really do think that . . . on the immigration issue, that we will, before summer have comprehensive immigration reform.” …Nancy Pelosi

Our traditional activist army grew from 1.38 million to 1.59 million. Our website routinely rates in the top 10 of all advocacy websites on any issue in terms of number of people educated through visits and time spent.

We began 2013 with 35,000 Facebook followers. By November, our NumbersUSA and Stop Amnesty pages had more than 1.7 million followers. So, we have just this year built a second army of citizens who happen to get their information mostly through Facebook rather than regular websites and email. We have 5 times more followers than Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s FWD.US pro-amnesty page.

It’s really no mystery. They have tons of money, but we have real citizen followers. Our side basically avoided theater and concentrated on connecting individual Americans with their public officials in civil engagement. While their side was putting on a show for the cameras and talking to themselves, we got voters talking to Congress.

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