Christie signs in state tuition bill

Chris ChristieChristie signs in state tuition bill

I have no idea when the Led Zeppelin song, Good Times, Bad Times found its way into my life, it just seems to me that I sang that song more during this time of year during the Christmas holiday season.

I simply refuse to write anything depressing on Christmas Eve. As a “professional student” and adjunct professor, the awareness that someone gets to continue on with their personal education is about the best gift I could imagine receiving. So please allow this to read I am very, very happy for those illegal immigrants to learn of Gov. Christie’s compromise.

Furthermore, I believe that what he did as far as his compromise – setting the Left straight on matters pursuant to the bill, was a good thing. Yet, for some reason I am still plagued with their parents. To open up an entitlement (yes! In state tuition is an entitlement) to a person who legitimately was brought to this country unbeknownst to them is great; however, there should be some sort of sanction levied against their parents.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) signed a bill Friday that would allow in-state tuition rates for students brought to the country illegally a day after Democrats bowed to his demand that the legislation be tightened.

Christie signed the bill in private, his office said, adding that there will be a public ceremony in the coming weeks. New Jersey Democrats agreed Thursday to strip out the portion of the legislation that would allow the students impacted by the measure to apply for financial aid funded by the state, falling in line with Christie’s wishes.

“This is what compromise looks like,” Christie said Thursday. “Sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes it’s loud but you can do both at the same time.”

The law will extend in-state tuition to illegal immigrants brought into the United States as children who graduate from New Jersey high schools.

Christie won half the Latino vote in his November reelection victory. He is seen widely as a likely bet to run for president in 2016.



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