Supreme Court seems back on track…

Supreme-Court1Late at night – on New Year’s Eve – the Supreme Court dealt a blow to ObamaCare. Or so the Obama Administration felt; not that the ruling was in anyway unlawful, the Supreme Court of the United States finally allowed for — and we mean this — religious liberty not to be screwed over in our Nation.

I can still remember last winter chatting with a “smarter than anything whip” in his junior year during his undergraduate degree coursework at some manner less Ivy League university. First off if someone doesn’t even understand that mandatory abortion pill Mandate does not affect a person’s religious liberties, well than, trust me it is no good trying to move ahead from that point.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor temporarily stopped enforcement of the ObamaCare abortion-pill Mandate, protecting a Christian employer against a grave violation of its religious freedom.

Despite this ruling, the Obama Administration is vowing to fight on. It’s not backing down from its commitment to force even Christian Americans to provide abortion pills. Understanding of course that not all people are even aware of what religious freedom means. I our sphere of influence we admittedly have far more acquaintances, friends, relatives, and work associates that received some sort of religious acculturation from birth to at least their mid-twenties, or until the decision to go to local services was completely their choice.

We understand that not everyone is spiritually bound, or for that matter experience a Christian spirituality. What we are alluding to is in the notion that people can lose their connection to a religious life. However not everyone has a) a religious life, or b) is losing their connection to their’s. It is important to note that it is not the people that matter here in a very small regard, but the Nation’s laws, the Founding, and standard operating procedures that may not be sold out for ObamaCare or any other whimsical idea.

But we’re not backing down either.

We’ve won seven injunctions against the abortion-pill Mandate, and soon we’ll be filing a crucial amicus brief at the Supreme Court.

Now is exactly the right time to join us. Join our brief. Join our committee to protect life and liberty from ObamaCare.

Sign the ACLJ Amicus Brief Against the Abortion-Pill Mandate.


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