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For President?

For President?

How many interesting things or expansion of knowledge have you read, seen, or heard lately? This although different area of learning is nothing new in education. In fact, many, if not most of the expert, or most studied individuals we tend to make “Gospel” of the words they uttered, theories they may have come up with, or at the very least, coined jargon (making up of word groups that only apply to that profession) indeed come from these experts.

However and unbeknownst to many outside the educational community just believe what they have heard or seen although predicated upon a theory or postulate with no real science placed behind it may have indeed caused more confusion than anything else in our course of learning.

We would like to submit to you various and sundry facts that we have gained through our regiment of reading, researching, information gathering, and pursuant to the data (scientifically obtained) go on and write some rather interesting articles about these revelatory issues and refer to them as The Fun Articles albeit in just about every aspect of knowledge.

We are proposing well-written articles on subject matter that may be on smuggling operations within our Nation, as well as cartel activity, jihadists’ activity, volumes on educational theory, advocacy supporters, special interest groups, and what over the years have been tragic effects, yet, nothing is done about it.

In one day whilst being open to new things I quasi-learned how the executive and judicial branches of equal government ripped into the legislative branch as though they (Congress) could do no wrong. In addition, those people laying the groundwork for the accusations were somehow involved with either a bonafide administration or have spent several years (25 or more) in various occupations within the government and we feel are entitled to talk.

Furthermore, if we all must really know, there are times when writing about a retired former Secretary of Defense discloses yet another truth about what is happening on the inside that makes me distrust the “Clowns of Washington” even more than I do already.

We here at The Contemplative Thinker would love to enlist or commission articles from our reader’s as well. Please if you’ve got something to say, please send me a draft to any number of email boxes I have registered with Word Press.

So it is now time for some fun! I found this next small bit of information an amazing resource of information, which just happens to be plaguing us and draining America of taxpayer contributed funds. Ready?

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The Founder’s generation saw a revolution in reading and discussion. Intelligent colonials of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries felt marooned in an ocean of trees and indifference. The clergy of early New England were Cambridge-educated divines, who founded Harvard (1636) and Yale (1701) to train their sons and grandsons.

Introducing new Founder’s here – Jonathan Edwards, the great preacher and theologian, wrote a wistful letter to a Scottish clergyman. “It might be of particular advantage to me here in this remote part of the world to be better informed of what books there are that are published on the other side of the Atlantic, and especially if there be anything that comes out that is very remarkable.”

The again Lewis Morris, an eccentric New Jersey landowner, amassed a private collection of three thousand books. His instructions: “Do not lend it on any account to anybody whatever, for I know that country (New National TreasureJersey) too well to lend books in.

As the eighteenth century progressed, the silence lifted. It wasn’t so much that more people were reading – colonial literacy had always been high – it was that more people knew other readers. Americans knew what other Americans read; in a sense they were reading together.

For those of you and definitely us too, most who remember the Nicolas Cage film with Diane Kruger (nee Heidkruger) National Treasure would acquiesce to their constant memories of Benjamin Franklin. It is when Franklin was in his twenties, he founded the first public library in Philadelphia.

Benjamin Franklin persuaded his friends, who had formed a discussion club, to store their books in a common room, “each of us being at liberty to borrow such as he wished to read at home.”

“In a few years,” travelers found Americans “better instructed and more intelligent than people of the same rank generally are in other countries.”



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