U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker publicly expressed support for immigration reform…

120253-1440x900-godblessamerica2_lgFor the second time in a week, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker publicly expressed her support for immigration reform.

“Put simply, this must be at the top of our to-do list,” Pritzker said Thursday at an event for the Los Angeles World Affairs Council that was attended by consuls general from Mexico, France and the United Arab Emirates as well as local city leader Jan Perry.

We are not at all certain that with the negligence poured over the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) by the Congress of our Nation that there would be anyone who does not understand the need for immigration reform. This is not a mystery to anyone, by any means.

The mere notion of having somewhere between 12 to 25 million illegal immigrants living in the Nation as quasi-citizens has let everyone know just how bad the USA needs to reform the immigration laws and policies.

We would like to make mention of just a few matters that the Founders of this Nation (USA), made implicit with their own mouths. Furthermore, the main reason that the Founders were able to come to an all out agreement is that what they did have was a Nation, including Senators, House Representatives, the President, and most of all something that was never forgotten back then that seems to be on the “if-come” basis now. Here we are specifically mentioning the public of the United States.

Public opinion as well as public policy were the two necessary factors behind getting anything done. One thing the Founders took into consideration before every vote, every decision made was how their decision going to affect their constituencies.

The Founders did not have the element of dealing with the proposed Kings and Queens that the leadership of this Nation have become only under different call signs – Congressional officials.   immigration

However first in the need for immigration reform is consistency and uniformity. The notions we are alluding to is of course true assimilation and the need for there to be legislation pending against what is now termed as “Sanctuary Cities.” Assimilation does not mean overly inviting. Nothing alerted and frightened the Founders more than having large scale numbers of immigrants all going to live in the same place.

NanIn fact, Benjamin Franklin had his hands full when large scale immigration of German people started settling in Pennsylvania. What concerned Franklin the most was that approximately one third of the state acquired people from Germany. So after, shop, tavern, and other merchant signs began to fill the towns overlook.

Benjamin Franklin worried most about our common language, English. In fact so enduring were these new immigrants in founding new reading groups, language acquirement skills, and everything redone with English that Franklin was embarrassed. Sure Benjamin was a writer but more industrially, he was a publisher and printer.

When we mention the notion of English language – has anyone cared to reason why our Founders did not frame the U.S. Constitution to at least mention making the language the official one to be used in America. This fact gets brought up by every advocacy proponent or special interest group we can think of to the point.

The Founders did not think – nor did they have too – that English would ever be challenged as not being the official language of the new Nation. Everyone or almost everyone whilst back in their “home” countries was learning English to be ready – for the opportunity – of having a leg up on their competition.

As for those individuals the American Way did not mean, “I want to give my family a better life…or I want my children to have the things that we did not have…” No! The American Way to those immigrants meant standing with and aligning to the American way of life. Yes they knew by helping to make America the wealthiest and most prosperous nation in the world, that they had claim to the stake. As America got better then conditional remedies manufactured by all people mostly new immigrants then they knew that they shared in the opportunity for the American Dream.


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