What’s up with this so-called income inequality…

A lovely person who lets her mind get ahead of her mouth...

A lovely person who lets her mouth get ahead of her mind…

What’s up with this so-called income inequality…

As a worsening jobs picture appeared last week, Barack Obama sought to hit the reset button.

His strategy? Lie. (Anyone out there surprised.)

You are probably familiar with the little lies that the president has spewed in the past:  

“If you like your plan, you can keep it.”



“You can keep your doctor, period.”

“The Affordable Care Act will reduce the deficit and save money for the economy.”

“The Benghazi attack was a result of an anti-Muslim video.”

“Al Qaeda has been decimated.”

“Republicans don’t care about people.”

But this time, it’s different.

Instead of a little lie, the president jumped right to a demagogue-level fabrication. (I guess Obama has become more comfortable in office during his second term.)

The lie was captured during a speech on income inequality…

“We’ve also seen how government action, time and again, can make an enormous difference in increasing opportunity and bolstering ladders into the middle class. Investments in education, laws establishing collective bargaining and a minimum wage – these all contributed to rising standards of living for massive numbers of Americans.”

Like it or not ladies and gentlemen since I have been on this planet there has always been a problem with what people want. We really could go on for hours simply with gender equality alone. No, I am sorry but I did not start the Women’s Liberation Front; moreover, having maintained my support of human dignity as well as my “ut-oh something is not correct in this situation” for me it all began with this trumped up notion of Comparative worth.

During the 1960s through the 1990s (hey…that is only one generation) women wanted everything, which altogether they originally kept a soaring accountability on. I really hope beyond all hope I will be able to address accountability again. But be it for now, in the early going women were trailblazers in form and control.

How is it that public servants in Washington DC make more then these people do?

How is it that public servants in Washington DC make more then these people do?

They knew what they wanted, got the think tanks involved, and put together one of the most worthy presentations that regardless of being male or female one walked away feeling molested and rightfully so.

About getting and maintaining an erstwhile form of income makes today look just too easy. Furthermore, trying to adjust in a discriminatory, male dominated work force was difficult to say the least. Yet there are those of us who believe in human rights what is good for one must be good for the other in its entirety.

Then we all hit the collegiate experience. What started out as some decent placements, comparative worth, successful legislation especially within the “sex” aspects of the law, we were brouha-ha-ing all over campus. It wasimages (6) very obvious that we could see our hard earned debating, protesting, and fight for human rights coming together nicely.

Then on an open forum night insofar as women in combat, heck, women in the military was one of the issues for debate when there was a sudden overflow of what is equal and what is not equal that most of my female colleagues did not care for whatsoever.

This was only after we had put out the responsible notion of Comparative worth.

Capture33Comparative worth is an alien in our work force inasmuch as just about all discussion and some slight splintering occurred within our what James Madison would refer to as a Faction.

Comparative worth is a concept that the searching a Rolodex, doing dictation from supervisors, or even finishing a letter – all matters that had been agreed upon at hiring saw some very sensitive men feeling betrayed. Imagine if you can – the time spent for getting a number or address or having a predesigned closure of written correspondence.

The Women’s Liberation Front felt as though they should be paid the exact amount that the principle – often times a founder, or at the very least a partner and above all the person who paid for all attorney’s fees for a very specified altruistic act of human rights.

I do NOT have a problem with these arrangements. Yet, who is kidding whom? Where is the equality in that fiasco? I do NOT believe that there will ever be an X-Ray technician who will receive the same as the doctor who has ordered it. Remember folks, this is capitalism in the United States of America.


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