Team Obama stands exposed as having relied on massive lies

Or so he thinks so....

Or so he thinks so….

Meanwhile, back at the White House, it is a tough time for President Obama. As well it should be! He has earned every rating he has received.

The magic is over. Gone are the swooning crowds and fainting admirers of yesteryear, the almost hypnotic adoration of the “Stepford media,” the childlike hope of millions that “the One” would transform this nation – for which they inexplicably harbor so much bitterness – into a perfect utopia of “equality” and “social justice” (code words for big-time wealth redistribution).

Yes, the messianic trance is broken. And in its place, front and center, is awareness of Obama’s personal and tangible betrayal of millions of Americans.   israel110926_cover_260x350_ (1)

Today, polls show that even once-enthusiastic Obama supporters are dismayed at having been knowingly and repeatedly lied to. Not only can’t they keep their health insurance “if they like it,” they can’t keep their doctor, can’t keep their hospital, can’t even – in some cases – keep their medicine!

Likewise it turns out, as prominent Democrats now belatedly admit, government “death panels” (by whatever name) were always understood by Obamacare’s creators as an absolutely essential component of a socialized scheme dependent on centralized rationing.

In sum, Team Obama stands exposed as having relied on massive lies, bribery, and fraud to engineer the intentional destruction of the greatest health-care delivery system in world history.

It was not a day or so ago that some expert (name unknown) was comparing Obama’s early speeches mostly commentating on the notion that (tear jerker) 30 million Americans did not have health insurance coverage. Interestingly, after ripping through a political party – Republican Party – for the unparalleled “they won’t work with us…” or “it’s impossible crossing the aisle to meet with the other person.”

What this particular expert was making reference too was the fact that in the year 2020 when all of Obama’s pandering was to be completed, the fact remains that there will be close to 40 million Americans that are without health insurance coverage.


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