For a guy that pretends to be a Constitutional lawyer, Barack Obama sure doesn’t seem to understand the Constitution or the law. The latest “lack of understanding” has the President inviting illegal aliens to attend the Stateobamahead Of The Union Address next Tuesday. Sadly, this is the second year in a row that Scofflaw-in-chief has decided to throw his disdain for the law into America’s face.

Even though his is supposed to represent the American people, he frequently shows his allegiance to foreign nationals and law-breakers. The President has vowed to use his speech to push for immigration reform and put together a group that looks like a who’s who of the amnesty movement including all of his Illinois Democrat stoolies.

“This year, we joined together to invite people whose stories illustrate the importance of immigration reform and to make clear that passing comprehensive immigration reform should be at the top of the to-do list,” said the group in a joint statement.

And with that, Estefania Garcia and Maria Torres, a couple of illegal aliens will be in attendance next Tuesday. But you see, those two aren’t just ordinary law-breakers, they are the so-called “dreamers”: illegal aliens brought to this country by their illegal parents when they were young. If you remember, Obama, with the stroke of his pen, created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which completely halted the deportation process for millions of people who shouldn’t be in this country.

Quite a difference from earlier times...

Quite a difference from earlier times…

In case you haven’t noticed, Obama likes to give speeches where he surrounds himself with people that have sad stories. He uses these tragic bits of anecdotal evidence to sell his unpopular, and often, unconstitutional initiatives to the American people. Sure, illegal immigration costs this country billions of dollars and keeps millions of Americans from being gainfully employed, but look at these two poor girls who came to this country through no fault of their own. They just want a better life.

Americans want a better life too and Obama’s tired old song and dance is running thin with the people. Bob Dane of the Federation for American Immigration Reform is livid over the message that inviting illegals to the speech sends.

“It reinforces the one message that for this president is unambiguous: Violating immigration laws is just entirely inconsequential. The laws aren’t being enforced, and here you go, the public needs to get used to it. They can sit and stand anywhere they want, including next to me in the U.S. Capitol,” said Dane.

The number of illegal invitees is way down from last year’s State of the Union, which saw nearly 200 dreamers and schemers in the peanut gallery. By the way, just to show

"Ah...c'mon let's walk across...

“Ah…c’mon let’s walk across…

you what a bunch of ingrates these people looking for a better life are, they actually booed Obama because he hasn’t done enough for them. I bet he’s a little more selective with this year’s invitations.

I am a hardworking, taxpaying, natural-born American citizen. Do you think I’ll ever get invited to sit in the House of Representatives to watch a speech? Do you think the president gives a crap about my concerns? The fact that Obama is catering to the needs of foreign nationals over American citizens is criminal. That he’s doing it while the hat-tippeople that he’s supposed to represent are suffering is just plain disgusting. Special hat-tip and thanks to tomfernandez28 for his remarkable touch.




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