419105_10151238154313092_1906501386_nPoll: Only 25% of Americans Believe Feds Will Secure the Border if ‘Immigration Reform’ is passed.

The principles of America’s Founders must be restored – meaning representative democracy, checks and balances among the branches, and to a more opportunistic public discourse.

We have been writing about this particular topic since the beginning of publishing this blog. Although lacking some means of data – which means that the data does exist (see Categories) and has been used in other articles at previous times throughout the tenure of this blog.

We believe that the current goings-on within the governmental structure has a direct and concurrent influence on our society today. Unlike years ago our means of communication is so much faster than in earlier times. Therefore, people who are out demonstrating their violent tendencies, responsibilities, and the general state of mind are heard about often times quicker than any news media has even been dispatched.

Our premise therefore lies in the notion of accountable, truth telling, and honorable people that make up a solid government. In fact, we would go as far as telling President Barack Obama that either he and/or his representatives source scandals the various and often times ridiculous efforts an elected Congress has with special interest groups, lesser than honorable people, and the entire executive branch including the IRS, Post Office, EPA, FEMA, and as the list gets longer we will not.

Whilst we remain open, we would love to hear your comments on this specific most recent data that appears to be the prime opposite of what the Senate’s Gang of Eight has come up with; moreover, hopefully stopping the flag gun weedHouse of Representatives from following the Senate’s abhorrent lead.

A Rasmussen Reports survey found that only 25 percent of Americans believe the federal government will secure the border if comprehensive immigration reform is passed. What this data suggests is that the American people do not believe the federal government who has previously guaranteed that a proper fence would be built still has not happened and that only 25 percent believe that they will.

While most respondents said they want border security to play a prominent role in any type of immigration reform, few believe the federal government will actually enforce it.

The Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just 25 percent of “likely” U.S. voters think it is even somewhat likely that the federal government will actually secure the border and prevent further illegal immigration if that is part of new legislation.

Further, 65 percent said they consider it unlikely. Just 5 percent said the government is “very likely” to secure the border if it is part of comprehensive legislation to give legal status to illegal aliens already in the country.

illegaLSThe survey stated, “Confidence in the likelihood of the federal government actually securing the border fell to a previous low of 28 percent, from a high of 45 percent in January 2013.

Meanwhile, only 18 percent of respondents said they believe those who are currently in the U.S. illegally should be granted legal status right away, while 62 percent said legalization should come only after the border is secured.

“Voters are evenly divided over the immigration plan passed by the U.S. Senate that would further secure the border and give most of those who entered the country illegally legal status to stay here,”la raza fist the survey states.
Forty percent favor such a plan, while another 40 percent oppose it, leaving 20 percent undecided.

In September, support for the plan was at 53 percent when voters were asked, “If you knew that the border would really be secured to prevent future illegal immigration, would you favor or oppose this plan?”
Twenty-nine percent of respondents said they think the House of Representatives should pass the comprehensive immigration reform plan already approved by the Senate, while 44 percent believe the House should review that legislation piece by piece and approve only the parts it likes.

Therefore, it is probably an awesome notion that the folks over at Rasmussen did not contact us at The Contemplative Thinker. Our position is that of public opinion and just who is receiving the correct information? We are so sick and tired of this flimsy mainstream media assault on the American public with story after story of how DHS is “told” by [unknown individuals] that the border is secure when all one has to do is have a simple look.




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