World Sailing MapWe believe that the behavior within the government structure have a direct and concurrent influence on our society today. As discussed earlier during the week here, on this blog, years ago our means of communication is so much faster than in earlier times. Therefore, people who are out demonstrating their violent tendencies, responsibilities, and the general state of mind are heard about often times quicker than any news media has even been dispatched.

How she has remained in still an enigma.

How she has remained in Congress…is still an enigma.

We think that is something akin to the idea of “Citizen Reporting” but I will still maintain the quintessential integrity of our staff and pose the question to you folks. How many of you have efficacy? The notion that what you have to say and/or do that will make an effect in whatever you decide to put your hard work.

People are asking all the time – “What is it with the blogosphere…so many people are writing these days.” Being as open (honest) as I can possibly be on this point is why the bureaucracy in Washington does not entertain and look to accommodate those who utilize this massive means of communication. We think we can answer that and not in the Sen. Dianne Feinstein way.

For one stymied Congressional official, are you looking at the quality of the medium? A pleasant surprise is when an old-time student sends you an email to alert you on their new IP address for their writing space. And the feeling of accomplishment that one experiences knowing that “oh, I taught him and her Grammar, Writing, and certainly how to read literature.”

Ah but come on dude! That was when they were in the sixth grade – well we say, everybody has their starting point and some individuals look at what they are being taught as the way of life.

The point I am trying to make here is that nothing happens over night. We look at some (or most) of the issues in Washington unfortunately for the voting public these issues did not spring up over night, in the last decade, Mr.-Cleangeneration, half or full century. The various and often times ridiculous efforts an elected Congress has with special interest groups, lesser than honorable people, and the entire executive branch, as the list gets longer and deeply entrenched year after year when it comes to fixing it, we would like to experience a brand new IRS, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, especially a high quality “Mr. Clean” job done within the Justice department.

Now in an attempt to describe how the branches of government have waited and procrastinated, and then waited some more and procrastinated longer, all the while knowing that there are individuals and groups that use a variety of tactics and tools to advance their aims. Together with advocating their positions publicly, attempting to educate supporters and opponents, and mobilizing allies on a particular issue. Special interest groups and some advocacy organizations can control an unhealthy situation.

This alone reminds me of an exchange of dialog between two of our favorite commentators from earlier in the week. In the spirit of joking with each other (to cover the obvious) one

Goodness are you kidding for President?

Goodness are you kidding for President?

commentator says to the host of the show, “What do you think…more than four years in this town to make $30 million dollars!” The host immediately became the focus of attention with his sorted and uncontrollable laughter. What these two were obviously discussing was the notion of going to Washington D.C, and a little time wasted here and procrastination there – it does not take long to make a lot of money.

I will never forget the day when President Barack Obama in a public news conference stated, “…the U.S. federal government is inactive with the failed Immigration policy…” meaning of course that immigration reform once again had laid him out. So just as in the State of the Union Address, he instructed Congress to get me an immigration policy or “I’ll use my pen and my phone… and I’ll make one.”

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