immigrationA Republican blueprint for immigration reform offers legalization for some of the nation’s 11 million people who are in the country illegally, but no special pathway to citizenship, except in the cases of children brought to the country illegally by their parents, according to a draft of the plan obtained by the The Contemplative Thinker, with the assistance of the San Jose Mercury Sun as well as the Los Angeles Times.

The much-anticipated blueprint, discussed Thursday during a Republican retreat at a Chesapeake Bay resort here, would offer legal status to immigrants as long as they admitted to wrongdoing, paid fines and taxes, submitted to a criminal background check and demonstrated a mastery of English and civics.

All of this and so much more after these steps and after measures were taken to secure borders, according to the plan. Now for those who do not already know this particular point of securing borders has been around and promised, moreover, been paid for a number of times by US taxpayers.

Yet again as we know this particular point has been played down by former Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, after her walk around with border personnel whilst enjoying lavish State dinners, lunching about, and of course, room service at whomever’s command. The irony of the story is that several members of Customs and Enforcement officials (who have a law suit against Madam Secretary now) and many folks appearing in plain clothes were actually inspectors with the US Border Patrol.

President Obama avoided “secure borders” during his SOTU address and touched on immigration reform during his 49th minute. This has been the greatest haggling point up to where we are now. Good gracious god almighty, why are these unqualified people discussing “pathways to citizenship” when at first reckoning the border security issue made law during President Reagan’s amnesty for 3.5 million illegal immigrants. Therefore, we once again were promised that these amnestied illegal’s would be taking English lessons, getting ALL of the proper forms for driver’s licenses, social security numbers/cards, not committing crimes, and serving in the military, whist assimilating into the American way.

Immigrants brought to the country as children — so-called dreamers — would be allowed to apply for legal residence and citizenship, the document says. It also calls for a system that tracks when travelers exit the country and would require employers to verify the immigration status of new hires with a federal database. Sound familiar?

Well it should! Why? Because we have been assured of this type of entry – exit tracking system for especially those 60 percent of foreign students attending college now; however, have made no attempt to re-certify the student-visa and is reported as lost, stolen, or missing.

The one-page list says there should be a zero-tolerance policy for immigration law violators after reform is enacted and it calls for stripping the power of a president to use discretion when it comes to deciding whom to deport.

Now hopefully…the Republicans seemed to have thought out portions of their blueprint for immigration reform. Or so it seems with first call showing some teeth to Democrats as well as President Obama and who will succeed him in the future.



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