After having a bit of rest, relaxation, and deliberate time for reflection it was absolutely amazing as to how the correlation of the Republican Blueprint for Immigration became a rather inordinate document with language (we have decided) that is hiding some elements of reform, whilst at the same time leaving a lot of actual business open to scrutiny of a major proportion.

All one need to do is visit Yahoo’s homepage, click any one of the articles about the Republican Blueprint and then in the comments section get ready for confusion, misinterpretation, misinformation, and in some cases, abuse.

This is exactly what we tried to do yesterday as we opened up with just the Blueprint and did our level best to keep our own personal commentary and opinions out. We believe that everyone thinks better after some self-reflection and after visiting Yahoo’s homepage articles we are so glad that we did.

There are some glaring inconsistencies in the language of the one page Republican Blueprint for Immigration Reform most of which need huge amounts of explanation so let us visit those now.


Wonderful start by expressing what should be obvious but is highly controversial among the globalists on the left and right:

blue-quotes(The) “overriding purpose of our immigration system is to promote and further America’s national interests.”

The problem here is that the rest of the “standards” seem to tie the national interest primarily to what the Republican leaders’ corporate donors want rather than protecting the ability of unemployed Americans to gain jobs and of working Americans to obtain raises for their productivity.


This section starts out right by not primarily focusing on the borders and in recognizing interior enforcement is the most important factor, given that close to half of illegal aliens first arrive legally. What is meant by “come first” is ambiguously addressed later.
And then this powerful idea:

blue-quotes. . . we must ensure now that when immigration reform is enacted, there will be a zero tolerance policy for those who cross the border illegally or overstay their visas in the future.

I will believe it when I see it, but a bill reflecting this standard would basically pledge immediate and assured deportation for nearly every illegal alien who comes in contact with any of our governments in the future.
But why should we trust that could happen, since it has been the result of presidents of both parties refusing to enforce laws for 20 years that created the big illegal population that now demands amnesty? The authors anticipated the concern, noting all the bad president precedence and promised:

blue-quotes. . .we must enact reform that ensures that a President cannot unilaterally stop immigration enforcement.

Eager to see the concrete ways they will guarantee it, or if they really try.

And notice that despite all the talk about “first,” the zero tolerance seems to be promised only AFTER “immigration reform is enacted.” Since the pro-amnesty folks all use “immigration reform” as the euphemism for when people are legalized and given work permits, it looks like this “standard” asks us to give the amnesty to all the illegal aliens before we ever see an example of what “zero tolerance” would look like in practice. This seems to set up a bigger bait and switch than the 1986 amnesty.


Great to see them seeming aware of the fact that tens of millions foreigners legally enter the U.S. each year and we have no chance of getting ahead of illegal immigration if we do not keep track of when they fail to leave.


Most corporations have given up on stopping mandatory verification for all employees. But what is the word “workable?”

blue-quotes. . .fully implement a workable electronic employment verification system.

For the majority of this article we wish to thank all of the fine folks at NumbersUSA, one of the undisputed agencies in the entire United States that only seek the truth, justice, and the American way. If you would care to read the full and complete story, please continue on here. One other matter: We would advise that anyone visit the following page by clicking here. It is the actual copy of the Republican Blueprint for Immigration Reform.




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