As most of us will attest (those over 30 years of age) perhaps the biggest barrier to entry of birth-control pills was in the notion of brainwashing elementary school students, middle school students, and those who were in high school. Some people today would have disclaimed, “oh my gosh, they’re brainwashing my children…” At any rate the idea was not well-accepted and considered mind boggling.

Unfortunately in those days it seemed as though the parents were definitely on the governments side and did not find it brainwashing whatsoever. Nope, in my running circles it was far more that the parents supported birth-control over the other side, meaning the unplanned, underage, and public humiliation over the unwanted pregnancy.

Just for a moment allow one to realize that all of this was during a time when federal politicians were far more interested in their constituents and human rights than today’s congressional staffs, church clergy and advisors, and the list is endless.

However why the generated huge public push by on-set television anchormen as smoke slowly drifted up from their open ashtrays. What it is that we were told is that with the population in China and India if it kept on as itno vanancy (1) was then the earth would soon run out of room to accommodate all of the people?

Therefore a nation or group of nations needed to make sure that their women were not getting pregnant. And this is perhaps one of the more indelible times in American history. America began sending trained personnel all over the world particularly most African nations, Middle East as well as southwest Asia to literally insert and place any number of inter-uterine devices, IUD’s into the waiting lines of women who had been given the same story as we were told.

Yet what was never explained to the people of the United States is that these women were paid to have this device inserted. So what? So many of the doctors and nurses began to realize that they were seeing the same faced individuals that only a day before were implanted.

The alarm was that these women were to have the IUD’s in place for 30 days before seeing the doctors again. Well it was soon found out that the women who had been patiently waiting in line, once upon having the IUD implanted immediately went about the process of removing them to receive another and of course the money often during the same day and visit.

Even now this process continues albeit to somehow distort the ethnic rise that will undo a community quicker than almost everything known will. It is still normally the first act of legislation that the new incoming president will sign.

However, we ask anyone to write out some kind of response, comment, or answer to this following question:

If the US government went to the point to produce literature, films, and recordings for the educational environment as well as the evening news programs, and public service announcements warning of population control issues…

imagesWhat then makes it so easy for them to say oh, what 11 to 20 million more people going to do? I have not witnessed the land mass of the USA getting any bigger, however I have witnessed it getting smaller. Furthermore, what will 11 million or more illegal immigrants going to do to the environment of this portion of the planet we live on?

These are just two of many questions that I have based on an unforgettable time during my life.

The Inter-Academy Panel Statement on Population Growth, circa 1994, has stated that many environmental problems, such as rising levels of atmospheric carbon oxideglobal warming, and pollution, are aggravated by the population expansion. Other problems associated with overpopulation include the increased demand for resources such as fresh water and food, starvation and malnutrition, consumption of natural resources (such as fossil fuels) faster than the rate of regeneration, and deterioration in living conditions. However, some believe that waste and over-consumption, especially by wealthy nations, is putting more strain on the environment than overpopulation.

Someone, anyone has got to tell our fabulous elected Congressional officials to think — CRITICALLY — before making unpopular and unwanted decisions.


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  1. Brittius says:

    It was only fed to Caucasian peoples of the western world, as a concern. Nobody else on earth took it seriously. The other factors involved are, abortion, the 9mm, drugs, alcohol, the automobile, war, the knife, a jealous lover/spouse, random stranger, gator, the airplane, the botched surgery, germs, drought, starvation, blowgun, the jihadist, and other things that cull the human herds.


    • Jon-Paul says:


      Hey there and thank you so much for your inspiring comment! As I read your response, you allege that it (the concern) about over-population was fed to Caucasian people in the West. There is something of merit to me insofar as I not only lived through it, but the overall situation still exists in other neighboring nations. As clearly evidenced in the following article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IAP_statement_on_population_growth) I felt that it was a good read and very close to home. I did reference this in the article, I think…As far as your list is concerned most of the items cited by you are really “News Events” with the exception of perhaps starvation and jihadist’s. It is evident that all others you’ve listed are going to fall into one of these two categories.


      • Brittius says:

        News events, that cull. Morbidity rates bear directly, as do mortality rates. This was covered in 1977/1978. United States was trying to figure out population growth and it was brought up about World War 2 mortality and wounding rates. What was said is, that a combination of poor hygiene, and sickness attributed to germs and infection, had accounted for losses unanticipated and placed higher demands on the need for manpower. In population control, nobody of today takes into consideration the unexpected or what is taken for granted. My father was with 82nd Airborne on D-Day. He said the famous photograph with Eisenhower surrounded by airborne troopers before D-Day, that everyone in that photograph was killed on, D-Day. Zero survivors. The paratroopers knew, because they were told, that 3/4s of them were statistically dead. At the end of the war and until the troops returned home “points”, the numbers were right at the threshold of statisticians.


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