Driver charged with murder in fatal crash in Milford headed for trial

Despite talks of a potential plea change, a driver charged with second-degree murder in connection with a fatal crash in Milford in 2011 is headed for trial on April 3.
Nicolas Dutan Guaman, a 34-year-old illegal immigrant from Ecuador, is charged in the death of 23-year-old Matthew Denice of Milford.
Judge Kenton-Walker had initially ruled after a four-hour competency hearing last April that Guaman was not competent since he could not understand the legal system. She had given a 60-day deadline to reassess his competency, but the process took longer due to Guaman’s need for an interpreter. However, after spending months getting an education, Judge Janet Kenton-Walker ruled in November that Guaman, who received months of education on the American legal system, was competent to stand trial. To continue reading this story click here.

Knife madman: ‘Noise’ drove me to slay family

The illegal-immigrant madman charged with massacring his cousin’s wife and four children said he committed the Brooklyn murders because they had tried to move him into a noisy “mahjong spot,” court papers revealed ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Monday — as the alleged killer was found unfit for trial. “A few days ago my cousin took me to Flushing to stay there. It’s a mahjong spot,” accused killer Mingdong Chen, 26, told cops, according to court papers.

“I didn’t like staying there because it was too loud. So I argued and took a knife to them.”
For more of the story, click here.

Plea change hearing set for man charged with participating in deadly Miss. prison riot

One guard was killed and 20 people were injured in the May 20, 2012, riot at the privately run Adams County Correctional Facility in Natchez, which holds immigrants convicted of crimes while being in the U.S. illegally.
Humberto Cuellar, who had previously pleaded not guilty, is now scheduled of a change of plea hearing March 11 in U.S. District Court in Natchez.
Cuellar’s attorney asked for his client to have mental evaluation last year. A judge ruled in December that Cuellar is competent to stand trial.

Educating illegal immigrants is costly

The U.S. Census Bureau just released 2008 figures showing the national average total per-pupil funding from all revenue sources was $12,028. Although estimates of the number of school-age children of illegal immigrants do not separate those attending public vs. private schools, it is reasonable to assume that nearly all attend public schools since most come from lower-income families.

lamp of knowledgeTherefore, if one multiplies $12,028 by the roughly 3.7 million students with illegal-immigrant parents, then one gets a national total funding cost of $44.5 billion.
The actual cost of schooling these children could be higher because many education dollars are earmarked for special purposes. At the federal level, Title I funds are sent to schools to support disadvantaged children, which benefits many children of illegal immigrants.

In California, the state’s Economic Impact Aid program provides tax dollars to fund English-language acquisition, which aids children of illegal immigrants. Capital costs for school construction may have increased at a higher rate because of the influx of children of illegal immigrants.

As for chain migration and citizenship upon birth – Although almost three-quarters of the children of illegal immigrants were born in the United States and are therefore citizens, had their parents not entered the U.S. illegally these children likely would not be in U.S. public schools and would not require taxpayer funding. Thus, it is fair to say that their education cost stems from their parents’ illegal entry into this country. Please read on at click here.

The writer reminds everyone interested as well as the “What Next” crowd that the above stated monetary figures are predicated upon data that was collected in 2008. Whilst reading the story at both Pew Research Center as well as the it seems very likely that one could almost double those figures and/or the actual number of illegal aliens insofar as the population just about doubles each decade.


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      Yep I agree with you on this one. However, the judge made a tremendous mistake originally with the temporary ruling of “Incompetent to Stand Trial” ruling but thankfully she left herself a way out. I see this person going down hard in very short order for the crimes he committed. Did you read what he had to say? “It was to loud so I just took my knife to them…” Whew! Have a gr8 one!


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