rotunda-capitol-7-1-11Many times during life’s tumultuous times such as sky high unemployment, an economy that really hasn’t done anything for the last five to six years, hopefully you will agree with me that when the centralized federal government begins doing mindless issues such as negotiating terms and agreements for criminals or those who have openly committed crimes against the Nation.

To just walk freely into our country and gain amnesty, free health care, welfare, and unemployment because hey! they just arrived and need some walking around money. Why don’t we chose a day of any month and open the lines for the illegal-undocumented-unnatural-individuals issue them a US Benefits card and open the door to issue only to them food stamps.

The United States of America and the Congress as well as the President thereto have issued nothing less than seven amnesty contracts with those who have arrived in unconventional ways. And the House Republicans as well as the Senate, and House Republicans and Democrats are writing the new amnesty laws as I type. Senator’s Schumer, McCain, Rubio, and Graham, what is it do you think is going to happen if you continue with your plans and grant a massive 11 to 25 million person gift-of-tolerance amnestyfor those who are not acting as though something that is not theirs and yet gained illegally is going to accomplish?

During days such as I’ve described all I want to do is get home and read “other” immigrant stories – those who have not protested in the streets at everything from racial profiling to accommodating ways to be located in this nation at eight months and thirty days before the newest arrival of unchartered and unearned citizenship?

Please…what cheers me up is reading the stories of immigrants of older times arriving to this country.

No sooner was the Statue of Liberty erected than its meaning began to change. It quickly acquired a new significance from its location on Bedloe’s Island in New York harbor. Nearby was Ellis Island, which during the late nineteenth century became the largest point of entry for immigrants to the United States. In the moment of their arrival, they shared a common experience that became part of the mythology of the republic.

Imagine the agony of parting and the anxiety of an unknown future being very painful for most of them. The long sea voyage was difficult, and often times dangerous. Then at last they reached the New World, and had their first sight of Liberty with her upraised torch.

Most of the immigrants retained an indelible memory of the moment. One particular gentleman who was arriving from Italy, never forgot the instant when his ship sailed into New York harbor and the Statue of Liberty suddenly came into view. He remembered that a great silence fell suddenly across the deck of the immigrant ship – a silence filled with awe and hope and glorious inspiration. Parents reached down and raised their children above the rails to see the Statue of Liberty, “shadowy through the mist.” This gentleman even recalled the feeling that Liberty was beckoning to each of them, bidding them welcome in the great republic that was to be their home. .

I believe that this was the attitude that built America. This was the attitude that immigrants had being what we so aptly refer to as “America…the land of immigrants.”

Not that anyone one of these immigrants planned or conspired, to break any law to achieve their goal – no they endured the process. And before they asked for a thing mind you, they worked until almost death to fend for their family members.



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