illegal_aliens_FUCK_YouThe story I wish to share with you is 100 percent true. As in any investigation as well as anything based on a true event I will offer any and all source materials and links to supporting documentation.

This story reveals the lengths to which the current Administration will go to give people the false impression that they are achieving as well as being serious about immigration law enforcement. Tell me, does anyone reading here remember all the high-fives and fist pumping when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that it had broken all the records for deportations and removals of any sort? Good then – this will come as no surprise to loyal readers of The Contemplative Thinker where we have been diligent in bringing the undaunted reporting from the  Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) blog that indeed after further perusal the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials had to do some creative accounting to get to their number.

Predicated upon using people in the know, and having supervisory personnel from various agencies that had actually worked in the program with valor and very meritorious service, something that ostensibly been forgotten. Furthermore, by the internal documents used by the said personnel at ICE including but not limited to memorandums, emails, and other correspondence leaked by supervisory and field enforcement agents.

Please understand that this story is perhaps without merit except that there would be no story without the brilliance, trust, and ethics of Mr. Andrew Becker of the Center for Investigative Reporting.  congress money

The memorandums revealed that ICE first utilized some creative statistical maneuvers in order to take credit for certain removals that had actually taken place in 2009. Some of the other sources, primarily emails indicated that some of the deportations were a direct result of the U.S. Border Patrol arrests.

Yet that information did not yield enough so ICE began a new version of immigration enforcement. The process used was referred to as “line-flushing.” ICE Enforcement and Removal (ERO) divisions in the field ordered agents to comb their dockets to identify illegal aliens who could be offered a deal called Voluntary Return (VR), rather than the more drawn-out process of being ordered removed by an immigration judge.

636_Congress_money2Normally offered only to those illegal aliens who are arrested but not considered to be dangerous, VR allows the offender to promise to return home with an insignificant punishment and without further penalty. ICE agents prefer to have illegal aliens with criminal charges ordered removed, because then if the alien does return, he is subject to stiffer penalties, including time in prison.

Reading Jessica Vaughan’s blog publication at the Center for Investigative Reporting titled, Potemkin ICE, she refers to field office interviews, protocol of ICE management procedures and what ICE agents were ordered to do. Here is a great one:

Literally planeloads of illegal alien offenders accepted this deal. One field office said that they had so many takers, mainly offenders who had been charged with offenses such as DUI, Hit & Run, Domestic Violence, and Assault, they had to charter an extra flight on ICE’s deportation airline (JPATS) to accommodate them all.

According to agents in the field have accused ICE headquarters of pursuing the short-term public relations bounce of high removal numbers at the expense of effective enforcement. As one agent told me, “They’re cooking the books in every possible category to make it sound like they’re tough on enforcement … They basically gave all of these low-level miscreants a free pass not only to reapply for lawful admission if there’s an amnesty, but also if they’re caught re-entering the U.S. they can’t be prosecuted because they were never formally removed.” We take note in the fact that Jessica Vaughan is also the Director for Policy Studies.



(For excellent reading see the link above.)

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