As for me this is going to be flamboyantly exciting. As many who already know Mr. George Will has been an idol to me in his thinking and writing primarily since my undergraduate days in college. Did I think there would ever come that time in my life that I would ever debate against him? Not on your life! However today I’ve read some issues that I feel confident about and would like to comment on them.

According to George Will he espouses, “distilled to their discouraging essence, Republicans’ reasons for retreating from immigration reform reflect waning confidence in American culture and in the political mission only Republicans can perform — restoring U.S. economic vigor. Without this, the nation will have a dismal future only Democrats can relish: government growing in order to allocate scarce opportunity.

Please do not misunderstand me; that is quite a claim by Mr. Will, albeit I do see some merit to his thesis. However, let us break this down matter by matter. Retreating from immigration reform predicated upon waning confidence in American culture and especially in the political mission that Republican’s do well – the ability to restore economic vigor in the U.S.

Although these words may have some truth to them, it is essential that Mr. Will understand that as far as managerial leadership is concerned, it is those who are in their prime that must carry on the utility of American Patriot Politics.

Again Mr. Will makes a scathing point with this being written. “Many Republicans say immigration policy divides their party. If, however, the party becomes a gaggle of veto groups enforcing unanimities, it will become what completely harmonious parties are: small.”

As I read the wording, Mr. Will is addressing what James Madison would refer to as “factions.” I believe there are points to agree with in his writing as well as to disagree with. Starting with, “many Republicans say immigration policy divides their party.” Welcome to America! I am not altogether certain that if we picked two or three people off the street at random, there would not be some kind of argument from someone.

For most people around me it sums out at the entitlements that are unequally distributed. Another matter that has come up is that these particular illegal immigrants are indeed more insecure than the politicians about their very freedom.

The most gigantic concern seems to be in the areas of perception and what are they doing about their plight? By perception I mean these illegals no matter where they are from are feeling a manifold pressure on them now. Not knowing where, when, or if they should purchase a house or other tangible widgets must be discouraging.

The other point stated about their plight is in reference to how they have been acting since their arrival to the U.S. Just because someone has traveled in unpleasant topography with scourging temperatures – does not earn them a bloody thing. Period. It is not as, one leaves home on an adventure to be rewarded for their efforts.

Many Republicans see in immigrants only future Democratic votes. This descent into Democratic-style identity politics is unworthy of Republicans, and unrealistic. U.S. history tells a consistent story — the party identified with prosperity, and hence opportunity, prospers.

I must agree with the two following points, that as an upstanding citizen in this nation it is one thing to exclaim these and it is quite another to make action plans to prevent them from happening. Those two are, “Many Republicans have understandable cultural concerns, worrying that immigrants from this hemisphere do not experience the ‘psychological guillotine’ that severed trans-Atlantic immigrants from prior allegiances.

And secondly, “Many Republicans rightly say that control of borders is an essential ingredient of national sovereignty. But net immigration from Mexico has recently been approximately zero. Border Patrol spending, which quadrupled in the 1990s, tripled in the 2000s. With illegal entries near a 40-year low, and a 2012 Government Accountability Office assessment that border security was then 84 percent effective, will a “border surge” of $30 billion more for the further militarization (actually, the East Germanization) of the 1,969 miles assuage remaining worries?

Dear Mr. Will:

The statistical data you used in your argument with the Republicans and immigration control, especially in the last paragraph written, what has been the costs? Mexico immigration is at zero; Border Patrol spending of the 1990s and 2000s has quadrupled along with the GAO reporting that 84 percent of control along the southern border has been effective – rubbish sir, balderdash! Account for our readers sir how there are somewhere between 11 and 30 million illegals in our nation.



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