The majority of this writing was completed as an addendum to yesterday’s Washington Post article written by Mr. George Will. Today I would like to pick up where I left of and continue on.  george-f-will-114x80

I openly believe that overall here, especially since there is no possible way to ever get Mr. Obama’s figures to line up with Mr. Bush’s, and for that matter as well we consider Mr. Clinton’s ramblings as misnomers in themselves, but who really knows? The fact remains that as long as we have a representative government that chooses to ignore and in that same breath lie to us as well I do not think that the truth will ever be known to anyone. What is the evidence, nomenclature, or reality of the figures we have been given?

I openly believe that public opinion polls and responses from surveys done properly and efficiently should have been enacted years ago. I do remember the year 2007 as though it was yesterday. And I further believe that any reasonable, moreover, rational person would readily admit that our immigration system is no better now than it was then.

Before I go any further I am of the position that we line some issues up and do a comparison of our own part. We can agree on many issues before we even get started into the specific details.
Such as of the 535 members of Congress, in addition where do the over 200 individuals who work at the White House live? The Supreme Court justices, as well as the overwhelming portion of the executive branch men and women, live that makes them so sure they know what is best for you or I and those we live around. I would like to ask Mr. Will the same question.

Allow me to ask you folks, when was the last time either a legal or illegal immigrant came up to you and said, “This is a wonderful country we live in…” I can remember and the next statement any of us proffered was, “and I thank you and yours for making it this way…” Of course that is normally from the age demographic of 45 years of age and older.

Now it is completely the exact opposite. The United States is by no measure wimps to anything or especially anyone; if anyone mentions it the other way around, please just mention Dessert Shield, Dessert Storm, how we trampled Fallujah. Then remind them that it was our service members that whipped the Taliban; yet, at every excursion from urination to mercy killing that is what leads in the papers.

One issue that has gotten to my marrow is the notion of diplomacy and especially civility. Diplomacy just received approximately 100 or more Taliban murders out of prison. Civility surely must be how well these people are treated after committing grotesque acts against our people and how we ignore it then how well we treat them in return. Where are the Gitmo detainees?

We need to address those “certain details” now. If you don’t mind I would like to submit them or some of them to you: Entitlements, healthcare benefits, in state tuition, Diversity (Visa) lotteries, son or daughter citizens being anointed into one’s family and the benefits that go with it such as welfare, food stamps, aid to families with dependent children (a graduated welfare entitlement). I have spoken with too many people who tell me quite openly how much they receive from our government.

Let us put the record straight here. These people are collecting vast sums of money if for no other reason than just being present in this nation. So then has anyone ever considered the costs of what education our illegal immigrant population receives? I will say that it is a lot. The U.S. Department of Education figures approximately four billion per year. Now I must regress for the moment. I did say that they received education benefits as well as other benefits from the government – I error, insofar as they get the funds from us.

I would however love to point out that the statistical data on the amount of arrivals of border-jumper’s is not depressed at all. Many decided to go home to wait out the economic conditions here. It is also believed that the ears start working when your neighbors are out of work…and your president is lying and skewing the numbers in a downward fashion. So you tell me…can there ever come a time when being overly civil to someone and their potential 20 million friends that it becomes lost? Diplomacy has not proved a thing and I cannot recall a time when it did. Here are just a few mementos that I leave with you today.

  • It does not matter what George Will says, what Republicans say, or what Democrats say.

  • • There is absolutely no justification for legalizing 15 million illegal aliens and eventually giving them citizenship and the right to bring in 30 million of their closest relatives. Excuse me but is borderline insane as well as lunacy.

  • • There is absolutely no justification for making it easier for illegal aliens to take American jobs and force down wages as they have been doing for decades.

  • • There is absolutely no justification for ever accepting illegal’s into our society or giving them free healthcare, food stamps, welfare, right to vote, Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security.

  • • There is no reason we should keep allowing their children born here to be automatic US citizens.




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