What kind of mentality does she use?

What kind of mentality does she use?

While House Republicans have been adamant that immigration reform is all but dead this year, a coalition of women’s groups is hoping to revive the issue, wrapping it into the “war on women” offensive. Commingling of issues never serves to assist anyone with any matter.

Far be it from me or us in this case, The Contemplative Thinker believes who in their right mind could possibly dream up another barrier to entry. We remain adamant that the issue given immigration reform is altogether a misnomer. Who seriously believes that anything will be done to accentuate the ideas of reform? In fact it is a simple oxymoron to infer immigration reform has anything to do with reform whatsoever. (Reform keywords: improve, amend, correcting faults, unacceptable habits, reorganization, and improvement.)

Every person in this country needs to be on the same page – illegal immigrants included – insofar as to what is reality based, or what can be done, and the wishes and desires of everyone rendering an opinion. Seriously this “reform” matter is looking like a “Hopewell To-Do List.” You name it and it is on it from citizenship, to pathways to citizenship, deferred action for childhood arrivals, states now voting on what entitlements will automatically be received as well as arguing for a higher minimum wage. Simple words of advice…Keep it simple…or else.

What is at the rudimentary level with immigration “reform” is a kaput system that has laws, policies, and procedures. However, pursuant to the leadership of this country since 1986 we believe it has been a Presidential oversight which is our way of saying that the Commander-in-Chief’s Obama, Bush the younger, Clinton, Bush the Elder, as well as President Ronald Reagan or for the past 28 years have intentionally disregarded the rule of law. Envision our country whilst allowing illegal immigration versus a horribly out of date Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) operate.

The problem has been identified yet the Senate adds more confusion to the dilapidated agency and can we really blame the House given the mortal tongue of Barack Obama.                     n504104ac64359_large

Arguing that women and children bear the brunt of the burden from a broken system, and that women will be decisive in the 2014 and 2016 elections, organizers said that Republicans should reconsider their approach to immigration reform. Or this sounds like a threat to me. Moreover, let us string the words — women and children bear the brunt of burden of the broken system; however, and let us be reasonable here — are women just victims according to Pramila Jayapal, or would it be more believable to take some attribution.

“Unless we actually have action from House leadership, from Speaker Boehner, to move a bill forward so that the majority of his members in his House can actually vote to move this bill forward, we will continue to push and push and make sure that women voters in November understand who has blocked immigration reform,” Pramila Jayapal, chair of We Belong Together, which advocates for immigration reform, said Wednesday.

This is precisely saying if the Republicans do not fare well especially in 2016 Ms. Jayapal definitely wants to exacerbate the problem by alleging it was women who caused the raucous and not the Hispanics who feel as though they had something to do with the electoral process in 2012.

Jayapal said that the timeline for reform cannot be dictated by a small group of people, and that the lack of GOP action will have a political cost for the party as it tries rebranding its image and appealing to a more diverse pool of voters. Ah yes…when in doubt…what we need is diversity!

“If the Republican leadership really looks at the cost of not moving immigration reform forward…the cost for their leadership in Congress, they will start to understand that the lack of action is continuing to play into a frame that already exists,” she said.

Ms. Jayapal has really done most of us, as well as the House a good deal. Frustratingly she seems to have identified all of the buzz words the same as every other advocacy group out there, such as the National Council of The Race, the Gang of Eight led Senate, and several other special interest groups. Yet the one thing out of all those words that is missing…(1) What is the problem? and (2) What does the We Belong Together organization suggest that the House, Senate, or American people should do to rectify the fallen system.

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