constitution in graniteAs previously promised today is the day that we make the transition. This transition involves the economic theory [open market] of rudimentary and fundamental postulates such as consistent rational thinking, with self-interest, and the desired act of purpose in obtaining something that we believe will enhance our lives. However, I am sure that we – all of us – want very similar needs, wants, and utility satisfaction to be granted at the lowest cost available to us.

We refer to the fact that an immigration policy with rules, procedures and laws does exist and that, for a very good reason. However, in order for any law to work, or procedure followed let us just complete the obvious – a law is nothing more than words on a sheet of paper, that when leadership, and especially enforcement agencies put forth the energy to support the law as well as the citizenry that enacted the moral values must not be wavering.

We are of the opinion that with the proper means of supporting our leadership especially through enforcement that when basic laws are disregarded, then people make up their own rules unless this situation has the very least – integrity – that is, doing the bare minimum of enforcement to maintain sovereignty of the United States. Please see below for crime within the system.

Millions of people are screaming everything from discrimination to racial profiling. Furthermore, at anytime that a newly instigated program is started and is successful we ask where is the moral values of our leadership? Such as Section 287(g) enforcement for communities.

The biggest difference between American immigration policy and Australia’s equivalent program is that in Australia their program is not put to the mercy of a non-constitutional-wannabe-king who hangs out with a pen and a phone.

In fact it could be easily argued that those nations that do have immigration policies – some, as we know are very, very strict, whilst other nations do not stand for it at all. holder in contempt

Now is time for the news. It is rather obvious to us that 11 million people do not just come to another nation, take up residence, and that is just about it until certain special interest groups get involved.

Our nation’s immigration system is broken and our laws are not being enforced. Washington’s failure to fix them is hurting our economy and jeopardizing our national security. The overriding purpose of our immigration system is to promote and further America’s national interests and that is not the case today (Please click here for complete report).

I would really like the opportunity to ask Mr. Obama that very question; our immigration system is in obvious need of restructuring, with all due respect Sir, what have you done within the rule of law to assist making it better?

Remember Section 287(g) of the INS Act? This particular section was enacted for the sole purpose for making community living “communities” more safe to live in. Therefore, the United States Immigration and Custom Enforcement (USICE) where then hired and paid in advance to assist with identifying illegal immigrants and taking them to booking to free up ICE time. This program worked like magic until illegal’s started gripping to special interest groups then all of the sudden – out of nowhere, came “they are racial profiling” and this is discriminatory.

What do you think he sees?

What do you think he sees?

And Eric Holder’s Justice Department led an all out order to stop Section 287(g). And after suing at least 15 different states it was the local police and their states that electively stopped the program.

Or let us just mention E-Verify. As businesses were in hog heaven making bigger profits at the cost of illegal labor BIG BUSINESS originally started with “it is a crap shoot.” And again with special interest’s it was shut down.

Now that they have started to reenact E- Visa Verification who do you think they’ve hired to verify the old “crap shoot” verifying system? E-Verify.

What does all of this mean given economic theory? When U.S. government officials are caught and arrested for letting the cocaine, weed, and/or heroin or cash bring them to their knees as well as some Border Patrol Agents and ICE officials, AFT officers, and all of their management being involved as well then the system begins to break down.

Let us apply added benefit v added cost in here to solidify. Illegal member of MS-13 (major crime gang) without proper identification decides on moving north to America what are his added benefits. Let us start with anonymity; no one knows who this guy is so no criminal record is involved. Hum benefits… let us see now this guy has automatically upward mobility with some sort of job (that an American has lost), does he worry about his latest bullet wound. Nope because now this person has health care and it is probably for free. Oh but wait…our newest member of our society is very hungry, no matter, let us get him some food stamps and allow him to purchase weed with them as well. I think it is fair to say at this point that when someone – anyone elects to come over the U.S. border they instantly have more privileges than the Ward of any state.



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