193-yu8QM.AuSt.55This weekend, I read about the proceedings at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix, Arizona as told by Floyd Brown, editor and also the Political Analyst, Military/Defense specialist for Capital Hill Daily website under title of The Scariest Military Retreat Since 2700 B.C.

According to Mr. Brown’s report, “Many of the speakers at the conference focused on domestic problems, but the discussion turned chilling when we probed threats to peace and security around the world. As so we believe here at The Contemplative Thinker. Espousing just a bit on what the Obama administration is doing to America’s military is nothing shy of dangerously disgusting.

In one session, Mr. Brown shared the podium with Trevor Loudon, a native of New Zealand. “I was fascinated by his unique perspective. Despite not being from the United States, he spoke with more passion about America and her strategic defenses than most Americans ever would.” And as a reporter, writer, and especially a U.S. Army veteran, the emotions that Brown experienced are indeed hair-raising and humbling.

You see, Loudon is worried about what will happen as America continues retreating from world leadership and allowing her military to be further degraded. It could be the ugliest retreat since the first war in recorded history, almost 5,000 years ago. Moreover, when one considers what retreating actually is, when defined, please take little or no heed to what the Obama administration would love to make us believe.

Retreating is so much more that a movement back, withdrawal from a position, troop withdrawal, or any other signal or order to relocate one’s troops from where they are. Retreating can also be a military function ofrussia-ukraine-war-sevastopol-crimea-georgia  backing down; furthermore, it could be stated that leaving, especially when hurried is definitely a time of retreating.

Loudon stated emphatically that a world with America in retreat is a more dangerous world, especially in regards to China. He reminded the audience that the leadership of China is still Communist. He admonished us to “not believe the propaganda that Red China has goodwill toward America.”

“They would collapse you in a minute, if they felt they had the strength and leverage to do it,” he said.

Moving along just three days when one stops to look into the Ukrainian matter and what Russia is now doing in Crimea is basically nothing shy of history repeating again on the same territory. Enough to the point that it serves as a point to review and strategize the necessity to reassess U.S. Foreign Policy – of course, that is if such a policy exists.

For centuries, Ukraine has been ground zero of an ongoing struggle between despotic rulers and people yearning to be free. The territory we know as Ukraine has been conquered, partitioned, and ruled by Poles, Ottomans, Hungarians, Austrians, Germans, and Russians for the last thousand years. Since the middle ages, the Ukrainian people have experienced self-government for only a few short periods.

And these periods of freedom have inevitably been followed by dark nights of repression, including the darkest under Joseph Stalin’s Soviet rule. Furthermore, it is not at all a shortcoming to review the history of the Cold War.

OBAMA ON PHONE PUTINCurrently the Obama administration has tucked tail and resembles a pathetic and cheap reply of a nation really on the verge of losing sovereignty. At this point, it is impossible to know what will happen in the weeks ahead. Perhaps Russian tanks will invade, and Putin will oversee a forced occupation of Ukraine.

No matter what, though, the Ukrainian people want freedom. They want to continue building a more prosperous future, just like the surrounding territories of the former Soviet empire.

The problem is Obama’s failed policies. He has ignored the freedom seekers in Ukraine, despite America’s history of providing aid and material support to freedom-seeking people. Under our current president, it seems all of that is changing.



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  1. It’s quite clear that Obama and his administration don’t want another cold war, so they’re relying on stern words at present. We’ll just have to see how this shakes out


  2. thomlucci says:

    Help you out? Are you stuck in your car? LOL! Seriously, I agree with this post. Obama is making the U.S. seem like a whipped dog crawling into its dog house and whimpering while it licks its wounds. We shoulda elected Romney, but people of color thought this Marxist, Muslim, sorry excuse for a man would be a better choice. I think now they clearly see the error of their votes.


    • Jon-Paul says:

      Hello!? Is it possible for a person to understand the notion of “Commenting, Responses, or Add to” the article? Also, although I agree with you, agreeing with me, I am not altogether certain if it was ‘people of color’ or the garden variety, illegal immigrant, polling center, as well as voter fraud. There is ample evidence to support almost all suggestions. Cheers!


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