Democrats, Pelosi Using Discharge Petition with Immigration and Republicans


House Democrats plan to launch a discharge petition on Wednesday in a long-shot effort to force a floor vote on immigration reform – their latest move to pressure  Republicans to advance an overhaul this year.

A discharge petition is a means of bringing a bill out of committee and to the floor for consideration without a report from the committee and usually without cooperation  of the leadership by “discharging” the committee from further consideration of a bill or resolution. Discharge petitions are most often associated with the U.S. House of  Representatives, though many state legislatures have similar procedures.

They are used when the chair of a committee refuses to place a bill or resolution on the Committee’s agenda; by never reporting a bill, the matter will never leave the  committee, and the full House will not be able to consider it.

The discharge petition, and the threat of one, gives more power to individual members of the House and usurps a small amount of power from the leadership and committee  chairs. The modern discharge petition requires the signature of an absolute majority of House members (218 members). Only twice has it been used successfully on major legislation in recent history.

There is a large difference between the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that Mrs. Pelosi is promoting, and the means by which she is doing it. The GOP response can move into its attack phase by disagreeing not with the policy itself, but with the stratagem of using a discharge petition, which is after all, something of a procedural firework aimed at the media. (Read more by clicking here.)

In translation the above paragraph is explaining the procedural attack that might behoove the GOP. What it is that is being recommended is that do not attack the policy which incidentally has consumed the efforts of approximately eighteen senators, lead by the infamous Gang of Eight and does have popular points.

Rather, it is recommended that the debater (Rep. Boehner) should go the – attack – the strategies that may or may not be used by the Democrats (Rep. Nancy Pelosi).la raza fist

Attacking the strategy as been given by the Democrats – to me – is a rather easy way to go about destroying anything remotely close to responsibility. If anyone were to read the proceedings from the Senate pursuant to S.B. 704, nothing, and we mean nothing is changed with the exception of America laying down. Double the amount of H-1B and B visas to roughly 32.5 million more.

Illegal’s cost US taxpayers in excess of $200 billion per year. From ER and other healthcare services, fraudulent tax credits and refunds, to education and welfare benefits, it is disgusting how illegal aliens are taking advantage of taxpayers, and Obama is encouraging and rewarding them.

As Neil Munro (Munro, 5/6/2013) reports, NumbersUSA, which opposed the Senate bill, calculated that it would award 33.5 million green cards in its first 10 years, Sen. Jeff Sessions, who also opposed the bill, estimated the number to be 32.7 million, while the Center for American Progress, which favored the bill, estimated 32.5 million.

It breaks down like this: 11 million green cards with current immigration rates, an additional 11 million new green cards with the Senate bill, a doubling of the rate, plus green cards for the 11 million illegal immigrants who are amnestied at the end of the 10 years.

The near doubling of guest workers is from reports by the Center for Immigration Studies.

storyOnly the Democrats at this point would be focused on such ancient history issues as amnesty when the world is ON FIRE with problems. Our full attention needs to be on our national security. Our dept is now a national security issue because Russia and China hold so much of it. Both countries could send our delicate economy into a tailspin. Democrats when African Americans are facing a jobs crisis, want to hand out millions of work permits to illegal foreigners. Whatever, Democrats!







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